Grey Cup and Vanier Together Again

From Dave Naylor on TSN:

Next season's Vanier Cup will be played at Vancouver's renovated B.C. Place Stadium, one day before the Grey Cup game is played on the same site.

An announcement is expected Monday about the Canadian university championship game being promoted as part of the overall Grey Cup festival.

Although a firm date for the Vanier Cup has not been established next year, it is likely to be played on the Friday night and not the Saturday.

The arrangement was put together by MRX, the sports marketing company operated by Hamilton Tiger-Cats owner Bob Young. MRX bought the rights to the Vanier Cup outright, along with the media rights to the game and CIS football.

The Vanier Cup was last staged as part of the Grey Cup festival in 2007 when both events were held at Rogers Centre in Toronto.

This season's Vanier Cup is being played Saturday in Quebec City, featuring Laval and Calgary. The Grey Cup game will be played the next day in Edmonton.

This was long overdue and a no-brainer for the continued growth of CIS football in this country. It was such a shame a couple seasons back where Montreal could have and should have played host to both. (with both stadiums playing host ). It will be kind of weird to see the Vanier Cup on a Friday though.

good!.. it's about bloody time.

no more of this bs.

have the Vanier in the same location as the Grey Cup.

I like the idea. CIS needs all the promotion it can get. They should be doing it every year. :thup: :thup:

I hope they have the same deal as they did in 2007 where when you bought a Grey Cup ticket, included for free was a Vanier Cup ticket.

Nice! :thup:

While I like the idea, my only concern is that this means that there are Vanier contenders (teams of CIS) that have no hope of ever hosting the game, and that is not fair. If it works out now and then, that is great, but it should not be mandatory. How would you feel if you were in a league that there was 0 chance of you ever hosting the final game…whether your team is in it or not?

That's a good point but like the CHL, it might make you want to upgrade your stadium if you can, if your a CIS team, that the Vanier organizers couldn't help but say yes to if an excellent bid came in. An example is say a city like Kitchener that is fairly big, has lots of money in guys like Balsillie, but right now with their stadium doesn't stand a chance of hosting the Vanier. London should be able to do it with a few upgrades to TD Waterhouse.

Also, a city like Vancouver with the University of BC shouldn't be disallowed to hold the Vanier ever just because they hold the Grey Cup.

it is more important to get exposure to CIS with the CFL fans than to worry about some small time university with a 5,000 seat stadium getting the game.

if they can attract 20,000+ or some day even more to a Vanier cup but having it at the Grey Cup, then it will be huge for CIS.

funny, my messages are going back in time! :slight_smile:

as I write this, it is 9:45pm. mst.

Vanier cup in Vancouverwill be the lowest ever attended particularly because it is so far from eastern Canada. A dumb move to tie it to the Grey Cup - mark my words no one in Vancouver cares about CIS football.
On the other hand, in Toronto, Quebec or the Maritimes you would get a big crowd and at least the eastern team fans could make the trip to the game. A very dumb move mark my words.

I think you are delesional if you think they are going to get 20,000+ for this game.

I was at the Vanier in Toronto in 07 and it was sparsely populated. There is just so much going on at Grey Cup that a lot of people just push Vanier to the side. And locals rarely go to the game if they have no vested interest, and quite frankly it is very unlikely that UBC will be in it next year.
While I like that the game is tied to the Grey Cup every once in awhile it by no means should be an every year thing.

Saskatoon is small in comparison. They sold their Vanier game out quick, and the seats were packed, even at -37 plus wind. there would have sold double if the stadium held it. My point being, you can get fans out to it. If I go the the GC and the VC is their as well, I would attend both, and I think that you would find about 1/2 the people feeling the same. Then you are going to sell tickets beyond students, alumni and fans of junior ball.

I agree with everything under the 1st line though...the difference is that in Toronto, they don't come to the CFL games either.

I hope it is not free, but perhaps a ticket offer at discount or something. I think BC will sell out the GC, and I would hate to see people not be able to attend because some only have interest in the CFL game and chuck their CIS ticket instead of giving it away or selling.

Even a sparse crowd in BC Place will be higher than what the Vanier draws in other stadiums. Its not uncommon for Vanier Cups being in the 7-12,000 range. I don't see Vancouver drawing any less than that.

When's the last time a Vanier Cup had less than 12,000? In the last 5 years, the lowest it's been is 12,567, when it was in Saskatoon.

Last 6 years, I mean.

Sorry I meant within the last 10 years. Anywho, I think Vancouver will have little trouble drawing 10-20,000 for the Vanier Cup if tickets are packaged with the Grey Cup as they were in Toronto.

I went to the Vanier Cup in Toronto, it was great. If we go to the GC in Vancouver, I'll be sure to take in the Vanier again, or part of the game at least.

They'll do just fine in Vancouver. They should sell the tickets for $5-10 and give away them away to Lions season ticket holders.