Grey Cup/American View

I have been busy at work since my return but here is my take on my first Grey Cup from someone from the states----GREAT time for the whole weekend, can not think of any negectives, people were friendly, Tigertown was good time, Riderville was a world of it,s own. The pre game was good, the town of Toronto did a good job at handling the affair, the league did a good job of putting on the event and as a friend of mine who has been to a super bowl said "this sure is alot more fan friendly". In the end I was impressed and I will go back next year for another visit ( although some of our friends think we are nuts for going north in November for a football game) But to finish it was the people who made the event as enjoyable as it was, I,ve been to Ohio State-vs-Michigan and you would never see those fans be as nice to each other as CFL fans were with each other. Thanks and lets hope next year I can break out this black and gold number 28 jersey sitting in my drawer to wear to the game.

I'm delighted you came to Toronto for the big game and had a good time here. It's great to have CFL and/or Ticat fans south of the border. Aren't those Saskatchewan fans unreal? My son and I were at the game and you would have thought the stadium was in Regina from the noise and sea of green in the stands!

Please excuse some of the crankiness you see on this site-- we had a poor season and some people are out of sorts.

Welcome to the site and to the Ticats. Hope to see you in Montreal next November!

This was my first Grey Cup and I enjoyed it immensly.
I met so many fans of many teams and most all were very friendly. I also came from the USA and agree that the fan friendly CFL tops any league here in the States. Thanks Canada for a very fun filled stay.

Glad you guys had a good time here, it is always nice to hear from our friends south of the border :slight_smile:

This was my first Grey Cup and I enjoyed it immensly.
Hey Steve. I'm only sorry that it couldn't have been before you switched #1 allegiance from the 'Cats to the Riders. Would be fun to see them head-to-head in the cup, wouldn't it? The last one between these two... whew.

17 and counting for me and it is something to look forward too and a fitting end to a long football season.

This was also my first Grey Cup and I truly regret not having gone to more...