Grey Cup Advertising breaking records

2017 Grey Cup Advertising sold out and TV (TSN) just sold their active deals and its the first time a tv event has sold since the 2010 Olympics and the 2007 Grey Cup on CBC. The reason CBC sold at all time high was due to Hockey Night in Canada agreements that they sold a partnership duo agreement which was binded for the 2007 CFL season only as it was the last in their tv deal.

All TV spots being sold is not knew. But what happens when the major advertisers want in, they purchase Floaters (active) and they buy out existing deals and then their partner (CFL in this case) then finds them other spots. Then TSN makes a deal with them and gives them a certain % per quarter or the league gives them a luxury and in return TSN offers their existing partners sweet deals for other parts of their network. The CFL gets all their revenue up front and for 2017 they likely will rake in more money off the entire weekend (which you will see new ads on TSN and during GC events) than they would in half the season.

This is a huge win for the CFL and its owners. And will set them up perfectly for the off-season.

The 2018 CFL gala to show off the CFL will likely include new partners and most of them will want to pay a hefty price to join the league.

Hope this all comes to fruition.

The scene is set for the 105th Grey Cup presented by Shaw which will see the Toronto Argonauts take on the Calgary Stampeders at TD Place next Sunday.
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I do like the business side of the CFL as much as I enjoy watching the games. To see them succeed financially would be a wish for me.

CTV Super Bowl ads prior to the CRTC rule change put ad revenue at $20 million. What do you think TSN takes in from the Grey Cup and do you know how much it costs for a 15 second time slot during the GC game? Last year the pre and post game show had approx. 2 million viewers - does that time slot sell for the same money?