Grey Cup Accomodation

Hi there,
I'm a Lions fan potentially looking to go to the Grey Cup in the Peg but I can't find any accomodation on the net. Does anybody know if there's any hotels atleast moderately close to Winnipeg? Thanks.

[quote="Lions_rule"]Hi there,
Ihey i got rooms booked for the grey cup if your interested. you have to buy some tickets for the game .(gold seating on 50 yard line)im unable to attend due to the Eskimos sucking this year.

Canad Inn Hotel is across the street

how much for these tickets?? i might buy these, and how many?

how much for the hotel room rent? I still looking for a place to stay.

all places are sold out now.

Yeah unfortunately according to the web site there's no rooms available like anywhere nearby. I even checked out this old English style Bed and Breakfast in the far north east corner and it was booked.

As for the guy that offered the tickets at the 50 yard line thanks but I'd likely be buying cheaper endzone seats.

are you offering the rooms? hey Lions Rule? want to share? I’ll sleep on the floor, I don’t care, I just need a place to stay.

Seeing this and I'm taken back to that old Eddie Murphy skit on SNL...

"Do you want to hear about the AP for hours on end without leaving the comforts of your own hotel room? Then sign up for this new opportunity, 'I Wanna Room Wit KK'."

Hey, I'll ask the people behind my house as they have applied for a Bed & Breakfast permit. If they are up and running I'll send you a link tomorrow.

sweet, thanks mate!