GRey Cup A Microcosm Of This Country?

I am just amazed by the emotional reaction the CFL brings out of people. From enjoyment to hatred to ignorance to embarassment to disdain.

This week I have read and heard so many viewpoints on the bloody Grey Cup, a mere football game, that it made me realize that the Grey Cup is bringing out people’s true feeling of this country as a whole.

Because the Grey Cup is a true Canadian symbol. And for whatever reason we have people in this country who have no respect for this coutnry. And its disguised in their hatred of Canadian football.

And their love for anything American is disguised in their longing for an NFL franchise. Which is glorified and revered, even if it isn’t one tenth as popular as the CFL. But to them it’ll be never as good as what the Americans do.

Hard to beleive we can’t just enjoy the game for what it is. But these over the top positvie and negative reactions to the big game go alot deeper then just football in my opinion. Its about the country itself.

Berezin99, I think you are preaching to the converted. The people you are refering to probably don't even look at this forum. I agree with you 100%. I hope the CFL remains strong. I also hope the old saying "You never miss something untill its gone" needs to be said about the CFL. I feel sorry for the Toronto CFL fans. They seem to be outnumbered by those who would prefer another alternative. How sad that is. They have one of the greatest Canadian events in their own back yard and they choose to ignore it.

I don't really think CFL fans are that outnumbered by NFL fans in Toronto.
In fact I think overall Tornot is a lousy football market. Look at the Vanier Cup last night. They gave tickets away and the place was still barely half full.
But I was just making an observation that this country as a whole reflect these people's attitudes towards the country as a whole.

To correct my last sentence.
I was making an observation that the wild reactions to the CFL reflect peoples opinion of this country as a whole.

I understand what you are saying and I agree with you.

It just takes getting used to the play clock and possession changing more often than the American game. Otherwise it's pretty much the same thing. You definitely need the added attention span to appreciate the Canadian game. Unless you're a fan of defense then it can be a struggle to watch an offense that isn't moving the ball on 2 downs. Patience is the key.

Tecmo, If you have to struggle watching an offense move the ball in 2 downs, what does that say about a team that can’t move it in 3.

I love the CFL, always have. And it shouldn’t be about comparing the two, it should be about embracing what we have here as our own and supporting it as such. Sure, I watch the NFL too…but there are pros and cons to both leagues and, as a Canadian, I enjoy what we have here. There is no “better” to be decided - it will vary with individual opinions. So why not the best of both worlds? Don’t abandon the CFL simply because it isn’t the NFL…if you do, I’m afraid you’re not a “football” fan at all.

We always want what we don’t (can’t) have and the grass is always greener could both apply. It seems that, for some, they’re like the little brother looking up to big brother USA and wishing they could be just like him (it).

Just my two cents (well, maybe it was more like eight!)

Sitting on the dock of the bay!

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I'd like to see the 2nd down conversion stats for the CFL.

Tecmo, Who knows. I do know that Sitting on the Dock of the Bay is a great song by Otis Redding. Redding appeared at the Monterey Pop Festival in 67. Relatively unknown Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix also appeared at that Festival. Shortly after that, Redding, Joplin and Hendrix became household names. The rest is history.

If the CFL is a microcosm of Canada, what does say about the Maritimes? That they don't belong? That they don't care? That they're relatively insignificant? I always wished for a franchise in Halifax. They could call it the Halifax Explosion.

Spidey, It would be totally fantastic if the Maritimes were to get a team. That would make the CFL even more Canadian than it already is. Imagine , CFL teams from Coast to Coast. I hope your wish comes true. Maybe it will. People dreamed of a Saskatchewan/Winnipeg Grey Cup and look what is happening tomorrow. Good luck on your wish. Many people are with you.