Grey Cup 86% sold out

Not bad considering it only recently went on sale to the public! Less than 7000 seats are left. Good thing I got mine back in November. It'll be cool to see the Lions win the Grey Cup at home like in 1994. :smiley:

does that mean they have already outsold empire capacity? What a mess that would be if something went wrong at bc place.

They've sold double Empire's capacity by now.
Considering Lions season ticket holders don't have their tickets for the games scheduled to be in BC Place, I'm guessing the Lions aren't holding their breath on when the stadium will be done. I'd think that it won't be so late it'll endanger the Grey Cup. PCL would never live that down.
Here's a webcam link showing what it looks like right now

I don't like the math on this, if there are 14% of tickets remaining and that equals 7000 seats, that would mean capacity is 50,000. Isn't it supposed to be around 54,500? Was someone just really lazy with the numbers or something?

math is a very stressfull subject around this time of yr.

Maybe the new retractable roof design has something to do with this, not sure. :?

Probably don't have 54000 seats available due to sponsorship and other reasons.
They probably mean 86% of the available seats for sale to the public.
Just my guess.

In any case, should be great come November in BC. If you think we riot bad after a loss, just think what will happen when the Lions win.

I'm going this year, wife and me. Looking forward to it very much.

Good to hear, I hope that bodes well for next year's cup.