Grey Cup 2023

Well in the interest of more focused threads as per GuelphCatsFan’s suggestion, I figure we should have a dedicated Grey Cup thread.

Yes, our Cats are not in it but our City is hosting it and many of us will be enjoying this game and the whole Grey Cup experience. Especially now that the Argos are not in it and we have no fear of them desecrating our dressing room with their champagne. :smile:

Feel free to chat about all things Grey Cup from rosters, injury reports, Grey Cup pub crawls, and even HSR bus strikes.

Cheers to all Hamilton CFL fans. :beers:.


I’ll be rooting for Hamilton (our Grey Cup hosts) to put on a great show this Sunday! :partying_face: :boom: :beaver:


Classy post, Maaax!

Sorry to disappoint, but I’m throwing my support over to the Als, the underdog, and the team representing the East, for the 110th GC. They haven’t won a Cup since 2010. Now, your team has been the class of the league for the past few years, so the odds are in your/their favour to win this one. A dynasty in the making, they say. :innocent:

All the best, CC!


That’s okay. Everyone has their reasons for rooting for Montreal. They happen to be my second favorite team this weekend.

I think everyone in Saskatchewan (except O’Day) will be rooting for Coach Maas and Cody Fajardo to continue their rise to the top. Nothing sticks it to your former boss better than showin’ him that he made a huge mistake. :grin:


Anyone have any info on the new end zone seating options for Grey Cup? Apparently they will be a permanent addition to seating options moving forward starting next season. Great gathering spot.The pictures online look great.

Forecast says +6c. I’ll take it! Going with my daughter who I promised a Grey Cup game to back in 2013 when we wen to the Eastern Final.

So excited not to be sitting behind the Argo bench! Will be cheering for Als.


The game is in the evening and it won’t be 6 degrees when it’s dark, it’ll probably be 3 or 4 degrees and 1 degree by the 4th quarter.

perfect temps for keeping the beers cold while double fisting.

love it!


They last long enough to get warm? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

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Cold weather + Cold beer = Long bathroom lineups :smile:


Last Grey Cup was so overcrowded on the concourse that you had to literally shove people out of the way just to get into a 30 minute line up to a stall. Too many fans from the end zone social area were crowded around. Heaven forbid an emergency. They needed a ton of port-a-potties in that end zone instead of allowing that overcrowding.


when double fisting, yes, especially in the summer.

I love to grab two beers at once. if you tip well enough they’ll even keep from cracking the second.

but for me, yes, need to get below 5 degrees before they stay cold enough :slight_smile:

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i bought three tickets somewhere in the bleeds (Maybe my season tickets, don’t know, never sat in my seats).

we’ll be standing in our normal area with our normal group of friends.

Have you considered a catheter with a piss bag? Don’t forget to recycle! :crazy_face:


That Depends. :wink:


This HSR strike is definitely a bit of a concern. Not everybody has a car and or willing to call an Uber. Local residents might have a trick or two up their sleeves about how to get to the stadium and festivites but non-Hamiltonians will not be impressed if it becomes a logistical nightmare.


The GC committee announced it is planning a private shuttle service from GO West Harbour to THF on “non HSR routes.” School bus company? That could get tense if ATU strikers try to shut it down.


HSR strikers are already blocking the Hunter Street GO bus station entrance.

No doubt they’ll go after anything that looks like bus or shuttle service, GC shuttle service is said to be provided by Metrolinx/GO.


Sure there will be, stadium announcer and loud music would drown out any air horn. :smile: