Grey Cup 2023 Ticket Sale Windows?


Wondering if anyone has any insight into ticket sale dates for Grey Cup in Hamilton this year? Usually, home city season ticket holders get first dibs followed by season ticket holders in other cities then general sales.

The Grey Cup Festival social media sites have been quiet and the website was still inactive last I checked.

Anyone know when the sale windows open?

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Being a Ticat Season ticket holder I know we got a email on the 9th saying that the Season Ticket Holder Preferred Pricing ends May 31st… So i would say June/July they go on sale… Will keep you posted if i find anything out via email


Appreciate that, thanks!

I just heard back from my REDBLACKS ticket rep. Sales to STHs will happen, but he didn’t give a date.

yah right now STH can only get as many Grey Cup tickets as they have for Season tickets right now. But i know a few people didnt renew their seasons due to other commitments so those seasons will open up

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