Grey Cup 2023 - Plea to TC fans

Ticat fans, don’t sell your tickets.

Don’t be like Rider fans that took their ball and went home last year causing a ton of empty seats.

We didn’t get the show we deserved in 2021 due to the pandemic and as one of the biggest events in Canada, it’s on us to be great hosts.

You don’t buy GC tickets for the 1 in 4 chance that we get there, we buy them to support our great league and showcase our great city.

We have a world class music act, and it will be a once in a lifetime Canadian party.

Go to the game. Boo the Argos.


It’s almost worse to cheer for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers IMO….?
Agreed ,go to the party …Once in a lifetime stuff is so important , have fun cheering for BC Lions hopefully or Montrėal in my dreams……

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yeah right im selling


Agree with the sentiments in Crash’s original post.

When I was a kid I used to dream of going to Grey Cups - always seemed so elusive, not just for my team but big sports events in general, having immigrant parents who didn’t really follow Canadian traditions.

Being older and having some disposable income I’ve had the good fortune to attend several Cups, both out west and in Ott, Tor and of course here in Hamilton. It’s always a great time and you will start to see and meet the same people every year who make it an annual tradition.

The game itself always seems secondary. If you have never been, please at least take the time to take in some of the events around the city. If you only get to one team party try Spirit of Edmonton, believe they will be holding it at Bridgeworks near bayfront. If boozing isn’t your thing, James Street should be hopping and the Fan Zone at the Armouries is always fun especially if you have kids.

Fans from the other cities are almost always very cool, personally I’ve never been made to feel like an outsider or given too hard a time about wearing Ticat gear, outside of some good natured jabs. It’s a community spirit with a bunch of fellow countrymen who love and follow the CFL. Be gracious hosts, buy a drink for an Argo fan and enjoy the weekend.


The opportunity for a fan of one of the teams playing to come is what I think is more important. I bought mine hoping we’d be back but were not so someone else can see their team play live


There’s still tickets available for the teams that make the Cup. The game isn’t sold out yet.

I don’t have any tickets to sell…

If it’s the Bummers vs the Argo scum it instantly becomes NCAA/NFL season. Like last year, I probably wont even watch…

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Or sell your tickets to Argo or Bomber fans.

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More than likely Bummer fans…All 10 Argo fans probably have tickets already…

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You had me right up until you suggested buying a drink for an Argo fan.


I figured that would get some blood boiling😂


I am looking forward to the events on the Saturday downtown, especially the Covention Centre football themed stuff.
I’m undecided on the game itself. It might actually depend on the weather forcast now that the Cats are out.
In terms of Greenday at halftime, that’s cool but their 15 minute 3 or 4 song set is not enough of a reason for me in itself. I am interested in seeing the stadium transformed, especially the Cannon street area.

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The long range forecast shows 11 degrees. That would be excellent.


Yea go heckle the :poop: poop outta the team you hate

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I’ll be there cheering for the west,


Coming in from BC. Bro coming in from Newfoundland. All staying with the other bro who lives smack in the middle of downtown.
Going to enjoy all the festivities and treat people from out of town with a ton of hospitality. Grey Cup weeks are such a great time. Celebrate our league!
Time to make the Hammer shine!


Are you not interested in seeing a potentially best game of the year?
Guys are going to play their hearts out.


Well you could always put a laxative in it! :disguised_face:


Wish our team had played with some heart.


I tell ya, if Doug Flutie fumbles again and they dont call it, im gonna be mad.