Grey Cup 2022: REPLAY

Watching the Bomber debacle unfold before my very eyes. Have to pin the tail on the donkey so 70% of the tail goes on Mik O'Shea, Bomber legendary coach showing his fallibility.

After Bombers knocked out MacBeth they assumed a 6 pt. lead and were in possession inside Toronto's side of midfield w/ 1st down. Instead of leaving his #1 all-star MOP QB in - he threw in a cold Dakota Prukoff and Prukoff threw up a hindenburg, underthrown, resulting in a Toronto pick at their own 10 yd line.

If O'Shea had just plugged the ball up the middle a couple times, even if the Bombers couldn't ram it in for a TD (Collaros was having a mediocre affair) the Bombers kick a field goal from inside the Toronto 40 and they go up 9 (2 scores) with under 9 minutes remaining. . . . . and MacBeth is OUT.

O'Shea outsmarted himself and thus deprived me of my 3rd consecutive Grey Cup championship.

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Watching the last minute or so of GC '22. Couple things stand out.

#1. O"Shea was 2nd & 5 at the Argos 40 with 58 sec. left on clock. Instead of ramming the ball thru the ground w/ Oliviera he had Collaros attempt a 20 yd floater/out that was almost picked. Two things, it stopped the clock so even if Leggio kicked a tre the Argos would have been easily able to march it back down the field. Also, even if a run play didn't obtain the first down, even if it only gained 3 to 4 yds - Leggio would only face a kick of 43 to 44 instead of 47/48.

  1. The replay showed the Argo FG kick blocker did Leggio a favor. Leggio looked like he was almost aiming into the West Grandstand, NOT the uprights. He was frightened silly and froze in the moment. Might have missed from 27, let alone 47.

In the end the 3 culprits in GC '22:

  1. O'Shea - bad coaching in important moments
  2. Leggio - bad leg, poor control of emotions
  3. Collaros - had an average game but obviously hindered by damaged foot (mobility)

I'll throw in a couple more bomber culprits. Biggy Bighill had his worst game of the year. No answer for Chad Kelly's speed. Bighill couldn't even match speed with AJ Oulette on one of his romps.
Bomber special teams crashed on that lengthy Argo punt return with under 2 min. left in match. Awful to watch. Where was Mike Miller?

Looked to me on the interception that the two Bomber receivers in close proximity suggests someone ran the wrong route. I wouldn't pin that all on Prukop who was golden all year.

Big Mikes best play call might have been Janarion Grant's TD return being a special teams guru and all. Either way three more years of it coming your way. Any criticism of Mark Liegghio could be directed back to O'Shea imo for his poor personnel management. Sooner or later the rest of the world will also find out it is no fun to kick a frozen football.

Bighill has been exposed for a couple of years. He too is coming back. Toronto did a good job with Ouellete and Harris in the backfield at the same time. You could see Bighill had no idea which one to key on.

For the record I would re-sign Andrew Harris.

No criticism from me of any kind directed toward Zach Collaros for his GC performance. Flat out truth is the Winnipeg O line was pounded. I can see more of that in the future and honestly think the contract is going to come back and bite them.

Can't win them all though so now they need to win to keep up with the Kenny Ploen era for being considered best of all time. Kind of like soccer.

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Great point about Harris. His bridges are burned in Winnipeg and he’s soon to be 37. So barring an outside football opportunity (extra on NCIS: Los Angeles) he’s better taking an Argo’s offer in the $120k to $145k vicinity.

If the Argos can get 9 to 12 solid games out of AH they can recover the money by placing him on IR for nearly half the season.

He’s a great runner, no matter his age – and with Oullette pulling stunts its a great 1-2 punch for the boatmen.

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Thing about Andrew Harris is the pressure is off. He has nothing left to prove on the football field and anything more is just topping on the cake. That said don't turn your back if he does re-sign.

I think he has serious potential as a coach and hope he gets the chance. As you mentioned it is not likely to be in Winnipeg.

Prolly not BC either. Harris has an ax to grind in both Vancouver (Wally) & Winnipeg (Canadian Mafia). That leaves the other 7 teams. Don't know how he'd function under Chris Jones in Edmonton and I think Calgary under Huff is far too straight arrow to bring Harris in as a coach.

Could certainly see him trying Toronto 1st - then Montreal, Ottawa Hamilton.
Sask'n is a good destination but as we've opined before - Regina isn't big enough for AH.

I don't see Harris getting into coaching, but you never know.
You guys are making too much out of how he left, 99% of people have moved on. If he were wanting to coach RBs, and we had an opening, I'd imagine he'd have an inside track.

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Fully agree. I have no idea whether Harris wants to coach but, if he did the Bombers would be the most likely destination, unless he can’t appreciate, perhaps for ego reasons, that a team needs to move on from players once they are past their best before date.

Clearly the Bombers made the correct call on Harris. He again this year played only a small percentage of the regular season and was a non factor in the Grey Cup. Not only is the writing in the wall as far as his playing career goes, it has been painted over in bright red on several occasions.

The smart money might sign him as a coach. Certainly not for the front line money he was once worth.

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He sure gave the Bombers a double blue-blue scare in the 1st half of the Grey Cup - but faded as the going got tougher.
Nabbed himself a 3rd straight Cup victory though cuz Mike O'Shea & Jakatz Leggio were taking turns shooting themselves in the head.

Harris's 1st half yardage was perhaps attributable to knowing Adam Bighill's positioning. Harris ran where Bighill wasn't and it sure paid off - in the 1st half.

Bombers face another off-season dilemna in whether they can afford both their Canuck running backs. I'd make sure Oliveira is under contract like crazy but the other kid might be wanting more money to be a back-up and the Bombers might not have the cap space to bring him back.
That kid will end up in Edmonton, BC, Regina or even Ottawa. Good kid.

Nothing to prove to anyone and has the ring to prove it.

Reality is 2020 robbed A.H. of one of his potential best seasons when he would have passed the 10,000 and so on. 2021 would have been the icing on the cake and he probably wouldn't have played in 2022. The fact that he was called out and challenged obviously stoked a fire. Kudos to Pinball and the Argos for recognizing him for the man he is and giving him the opportunity.

He has definite RB / O line coach potential imo. Hard to discount the leadership perspective also. Might be a good HC one day. Obviously not afraid of hard work.

I asked this before, but could you give me an example of a former RB turning into a OL coach, ever?
And I'm going to have to disagree with you on the whole idea. AH loves to play football games. He was never big into training camp, and even practice. This was well known about him.
I just can't see him doing that as his post career job.

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The one thing that drives AH now is money. If not this year, by 2024, his CFL playing money-line will end. Don't know if his clipped language speaking style is suitable for broadcasting. Its not, believe me! So a job as a ceremonial ambassador (like Bobby Hull & Mikita did in Chicago or Joe Louis did in the casinos) could be something Harris would enjoy - and profit from.
As far as RBs turning into OL coaches I can't think of one. Perhaps Bob O'Billovich, but O'B was more a defensive back during his playing career who took a few reps as a half-back/RB. . . . then became a defensive assistant, then a head coach.

Pinball was a RB who later got roped into being a head coach for the Argos - and he wasn't half bad. He just prefers his ceremonial role with the Argos as the Smiling Grand Poobah.

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Harris is a family man now. I don't see money being an issue and could see him signing a team friendly deal providing he could trust the situation. Some players get to stay in the game, some don't. Life goes on.

Probably a long list of MLB's that turned into genius coaches so I better not go there but there is nothing to say no RB will ever be a coach and yet a special teamer can end up as a CEO / Pres / BMOC

Johnny Augustine didn't do much in the GC and is under contract for 2023. Might be better off spending that money on Sean Thomas Erlington.

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I can see Harris coming back for only part of the year and to hope for playoffs.
I'm sure lots of teams would still sign him for next year as he'll sell tickets.

As far as his career after football, only a small percent stay in the league, and I just don't see that for him. I can see him working for an organization that hires him for for his name....and that'll only really work in WPG. Maybe Bighill/Willie can get him a job.
Wouldn't be politics like many others have done, he's got too many skeletons in his closet.

As far as Augustine, I think most Bomber fans are thrilled to have him as the backup for next year again.

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I wouldn't expect anything less from the Russian News desk and can't wait till the next sunny day when we can argue about whether the sky is blue or not.

Augustine was 0 receptions, 0 carries, and 1 special team tackle in the GC.

On the season when he had only one guy to beat out he had 4 receptions for 32 yds and 65 carries for 290 yds. In 4 full years he has yet to have a season breaking 300 yds rushing. He contributed 5 special team tackles in the 2022 regular season and will be 30 this year.

What's not to like except for the waste of a roster spot. Connection to the U of Guelph is the only reason he is on the team. D.J. Lalama would have been a more versatile and productive player but he is from Winnipeg.

Here you go again Carlos....

Augustine in 2021 looked really good when he saw the field, showed great speed. Many fans thought he would be the #1 guy this year, especially when Brady started slow. Brady really took over as a primier back and Augustine hardly saw the field. If he wasn't already signed, I would have thought JA might want an opportunity someplace else. Grass isn't greener though.

Waste of a roster spot, LMFAO. Thats just you being Clueless Carlos again.
And what are you trying to say about DJ being a WPGer, trying to make a slight by saying we don't play locals? Again me a team that has 3 local starters....Demski, Oliveira and Gray.

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From limited viewings Johnny Aug has more burst & better open-field speed than Brady, definitely more speed than Harris.

Just didn't have the ability to read holes or blocking patters if there wasn't a worm-hole to jump thru.

Harris has been slowed but he's still a powerful lad, even at 35/36. Nobody reads the o-line and d-7 like Andrew Harris. Thats his strength - plus he's perfected that corkscrew running style which adds approx. 1.5 to 2.5 yds to his average run per carry.

Typical response from the peanut gallery. Plan now will be to flush the thread and control the message.

Saw somewhere 13 of the 24 Bomber 2022 GC starting players started the 2019 GC and would venture to say most of them have been with the club longer than that. It's almost as if they are saying in an arrogant fashion that they don't need to be any better than we are. Bit of a turnoff for some.

Added to that the tales of the renowned recruitment abilities of Danny Mac and Ted Goveia makes me think a rude awakening for some is on the way.

All we can do is wait and see.

#10 on the top 10 interception list.

I think the intended target was Ellingson who may have made the catch if it were not for Shaq Richardson who was covering Bailey. Could have been the throw or could have been Bailey ran his route too deep. Either way, a costly turnover.

Reminds me of Wally Buono's comments regarding trick plays but always good when they work.