Grey Cup 2021 - ticket prices

great news!

Just spoke with my ticket rep.

While details are still being finalized, there will be a payment plan option (no interest/service charge) for Grey Cup tickets, of course, only available to season ticket holders!

Details to come on that, but they will absolutely be offering a payment plan.

Team is really working hard to ensure the seats are filled!

Season ticket holders have the privileges. 8)

Based on this years success, I am sure there will be a spike in season ticket sales for next season.

they are hoping for that.

what should also be mentioned is EXISTING season ticket holders will have first access to GC tickets before new season ticket holders who purchase next year.

So that is a big advantage to current season ticket holders over new season ticket holders next year.

While the specific date is yet to be determined, they said it will be between next March and next May when the GC tickets get offered to season ticket holders.