Grey Cup 2021 - ticket prices

The Ti-Cats have released prices (at least for season ticket holders) for the 2021 Grey Cup.

2020 season ticket holders get an average of 10% of the retail rates and those who commit to season tickets through 2022 get 25% off.

The top row of pricing is the 10% off rate and the second row the 25% off rate.

Very fair and competitive based on other Grey Cups.

Looking forward to it.

And lots of cheaper scalp prices if Cats aren’t in the Cup.

And lots of more expensive scalp prices if they are in.

Ya, imagine BC vs Montreal - :-\

If you look at seating plan for the Grey Cup you’ll notice that some sections have changed pricing structure for that game only. For example, sections 104 & 106 are now fully platinum. Other sections as well have been moved to a higher category just for this game. About $50 higher. Tricky uptick in price.

Also, the promo is 10 or 25% off “non seasons ticket price?. So what will the price be for current seasons ticket holders? What is the true savings?

It states non season holder prices will be announced in 2021, so how did they calculate the prices they’ve published without knowing the cost per seat now. Am I missing something?

A little deceiving the way it’s presented.

I’ll need to contact the Ticats for an explanation.

I’m definitely confused. I thought the prices listed on the chart were the cost of the season’s tickets. I too thought the Grey Cup prices were not yet determined. I’ll have to check the invoice page further.

If you are a season seat holder and have renewed for the 2020 season only , the top row is your cost for 1 Grey Cup Seat. If you have committed for 3 season, the bottom row is your cost for 1 Grey Cup seat.
The official public prices won’t officially be announced for about another year and a bit , but you can kind of figure out the public/market value prices if you add back the discount.

Thanks giasone.


Reasonable for a national championship. Cheap compared to these

very true, great deal. Awesome to see a GC live.

still the best day I have ever had at a sporting event was the 1989 Grey Cup Ham vs Sask.

Cats scored a TD to tie with 44 seconds left and lost on a FG with no time on the clock.
43-40 final score.
IMO the best football game ever played.

very true, great deal. Awesome to see a GC live.

still the best day I have ever had at a sporting event was the 1989 Grey Cup Ham vs Sask.

What a great game, wish the Cats had won.

sounds like we’ll be locking into 2022 to take advantage of full savings for GC. the 30 installment plan without interest is even better! Imagine they could add the cost of GC tickets to the installment plan!!! (of course, that is doubtful)

appears we will be looking for Silvers.

I’ve contacted the rep to ensure locking in will 100% give access to a requested “section” for the GC.

(understanding you can’t guarantee you a row, but I want confirmation that if I lock in, I can get the section I want)

Looks like fair pricing!

I spoke to a rep yesterday and he indicated that most season ticket holders will get access to their exact seats. While he couldn’t go as far as to guarantee it, he seemed quite confident that this will be case for the vast majority, if not all, the season ticket holders.

We’ll also be locking into the three year plan. It’s similar to the plan they had in place when Bob Young bought the team. At that time the thinking was that you didn’t have to deal with trying to get every one to renew every year. We really liked the idea and took advantage of it. The only downfall was that after it was over, our season ticket price increased by 50%. That was a bit of a sticker shock.

I really like the idea of rolling in the price of the Grey Cup tickets once they go on sale, even if it’s only for the period leading up to the Grey Cup.

oh, I would expect holders to get access to “their seats”.

we are looking to upgrade for the game.

most of the plebs in my section ( :slight_smile: ) are looking to do the same.

Looks like with the 3-year plan the team is trying to shift the thought pattern of season ticket-holders and make paying for your tickets more like paying for a gym membership. A monthly payment that you make even in the off-season causes your lizard-brain to perceive the financial pain to be less than when the payments are concentrated closer to the season, and also makes it more difficult to intuit the actual cost. Even people who bother to estimate the annual cost in their head will most likely multiply the monthly bill by 10 rather than 12, which underestimates the actual annual cost.

While the NPV math of the 3-year deal may actually be a good deal for many folks (I haven’t checked my own yet), there’s some subtle psychological manipulation at work in the long term.

There’s also the sleazy fear-of-missing-out carrot of promising a price freeze for three years, without disclosing what price increases, if any, will be incurred by people who don’t take the deal.

the price freeze is irrelevant.

the decision process for my wife and I was as follows:

“were we planning on being season ticket holders through 2022?”

Answer: Yes

“were we planning on going to the GC”

Answer: Yes

“if we lock in through 2022 do we want the cheaper GC set price”

Answer: Yes

“is there a finance charge by going over 30 payments”?

Answer: No

then it became clear our plan.

rather simple actually.

My problem is that I have reached the age when I hesitate to buy green bananas, let alone lock myself in for three more years STs, when the Grey Cup will be in two.

Luckily, I feel I can afford to purchase my seats year by year, and if I do go to the Grey Cup, can probably still afford the price differential. Still be slightly cheaper than that third year of season’s tickets, especially if we can’t use them all?

Ten years younger, and I’d go for the three years and no interest deferred payments, even if attending the Grey Cup is not a certainty.

Side note:
I renewed my season seats yesterday and I didn’t renew for 3 years as I can’t think that far ahead. My seat price went up exactly 2% over this year. That’s inflation and is understandable. In my section Grey Cup Tickets would be $359 each with the 10% discount. That’s $1500 for my family to go. I’m going to take my chances and wait.

my single GC ticket where I want to sit will cost 50% more than my season ticket seat costs :slight_smile:

thankfully we are only buying for two.