Grey Cup 2021 - Interesting Concept

The Ti-Cats announced their plans for the Grey Cup in 2021 and they are really playing up the social aspect. They will not be adding seats to the huge south end plaza but rather a big social / concert venue will make for a very unique Grey Cup experience that tickets will cost just $89. They are adding seats to the north with capacity of 33,000 for the game.

A bit more on the concept.

It will be the first time since 1996 that Hamilton will host the CFL championship, and it will expand radically upon the "social viewing" theme that has been a trademark of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats' home field since it opened in September, 2014. By far the most fascinating and creative partof increasing the normal capacity for football by roughly 10,000 people is the creation of 3500 "contained tickets" priced at $89 in the massive plaza above and behind the south end zone. With the stadium's perimeter boundary shifted back from the usual fence all the way out into Cannon Street, team officials say the plaza's social viewing area will compromise roughly 90,000 square feet.

That $89 charge will likely bring down the average ticket cost a bit lower then I originally expected. Interesting concept. Still, you can bet the 23 - 24,000 permanent seats will cost a pretty penny with such a small Grey Cup capacity…smallest ever I bet. Probably an average of $400 - $450 per seat with user fees for those who are not season ticket holders.

I’d expect as much from a tech-savvy owner like Bob Young. Looks like a great pitch! I’d love to see the game in Hamilton, but even more, I’d like to Hamilton in Hamilton for the game.

Great idea, except that if mother nature doesn’t play nice that time of the year………….

I’ve always thought this kind of event makes a lot of sense, both before and after a game, but November weather, who knows.

I just don’t understand the logic of paying $89 cover charge to watch the game on a screen next to the stadium in a contained patio, without an actual view of the game outside in November and pay Grey Cup beer prices, when I could go to a sports bar with a full menu and cheaper beer and meet friends there,but hey, I guess it floats some people’s boats. I mean, if you can still wander around the concourse/corner patios/stairs it’s a different story, but otherwise, I just don’t get it.

I think the draw is the concerts going on all day/at halftime. Assuming the lineup is good (Arkells, Monster Truck, one other big national/international name, and other local/Canadian acts), that’s a damn good deal.

I can go to a sports bar any time, for any game.

I can only go to the Grey Cup game in Hamilton once every decade or so it seams.

Not really a fair comparison.

Yes, especially if the Cats aren’t playing. Hopefully someday the CFL will understand how what is going on with the Raptors in Toronto where the team hosting the games is playing in the game creates the most hype.

But I guess the CFL just ain’t figuring this one out yet. I know different beasts but not nearly as much planning beforehand if you don’t have to worry about the host city’s team not playing in the game.

Not rocket science CFL… Whatever. I bet if the Cats aren’t in this GC then you’ll see a repeat of the 1996 GC in Hamilton where you could get a GC ticket at Tims for $25 the day before, something like that, maybe even less this time. Will history repeat itself?

I hope a city with bigger stadiums try’s this, Calgary should figure somthing like it to happen, and see if itll work, Calgary dose have a good following, and if it’s a success with money, then Hamilton should go all in on it

Sure, but I’d rather go to the Grey Cup and be able to watch the actual game, then go to the Grey Cup and watch it on a video screen, and you’d be more likely to be able to go to the Grey Cup game with temp seats and a greater capacity.

That makes some sense, although where the setup the stage/have the show would be a major component. I’m skeptical that you’re going to give $89 tickets front row for the half time show though and that you’re going to get a good performance if they are performing on the field. Still, if they actually bring in some headliners of note for the pre-game concert, that would have some appeal.

Maybe the event draws more millennials this way? Also I have to wonder how easy or hard it is to sneak in once the game has started.

Funny to say, but it comes down to which sounds more impressive:

“I was there when Jesus returned”


“I saw Jesus return on TV.”

As for millennials…Selfie at the bar will get way fewer likes than selfie at the Grey Cup. And “Likes” is the new millennial currency.

Some in the ‘Social’ area will still be able to see a good chunk of the field. Yes that won’t be true for those on the expanded plaza area out on Cannon Street but those anywhere near the front part of the social area can see some of the action live. This a picture I took last summer from the front part of that social/plaza level and you get an idea.

Plus there is some value IMO to be a part of the crowd actually at the game as opposed to being inside a bar a few blocks away. Totally different experience I would think.

Sounds awesome. Hopefully they will have a Go-Train service that stops around Chapple St as well

The most interesting ‘concept’ will be if the Tiger-Cats are playing in the game. :slight_smile:

Summer warm dry picture is a concept worth exploring .

NO snow , rain or cold .

So for some no seats , no shelter , and maybe no views of the field .

They need the young one’s to buy into that as that’s not going to fly for many who actually want to watch the game .

Don’t count on it.

But the Super Bowl has ALWAYS done well at luring fans, even when the teams are not big draws. A lot of it is just the hype. Some of it is the spectacle itself (Prince, Janet Jackson, Bruno Mars performances). The NFL has long since chased most real fans away with their outrageous ticket prices, so it’s the corporate ticket holders and others interested in being where the “cool” people hang that sells those tickets.

So this “concept” is the right kind of thinking, and certainly worth a try. But since we’re talking about the CFL, where real fans still attend, the teams WILL make a difference. Tiger-Cats would give a bit of a ticket boost, but it’s not a likely scenario. Calgary fans travel well (and they know the route to the Grey Cup, wherever it is held). The Riders fans will also fill the joint. Edmonton and Winnipeg would do okay. Not sure how Ottawa did last year. BC fans probably won’t travel as well. Toronto, and Montreal…well, let’s just say the chances of either team getting within sniffing distance of the Grey Cup are pretty remote, so no issues there.

We won’t need to worry about the road being ripped up with the LRT in 2021 now

Ford government cancels Hamilton LRT, starts war in Steel City

thank heavens.

no matter what the cost overrun was going to be, the city was going to be on the hook for it.

everyone knows the $1B the Province was kicking in wasn’t going to cover the entire construction. But what was going to be expected from the City? $500M? $1B?

The city doesn’t have CLOSE to that money to kick in.

At current estimate the “low” end was $2.5B, and the high end was $5.5B. Clearly it was going to reside somewhere in the middle…and that was FAR MORE than our city could afford!

Put the money in increased HSR, and put the rest of roads and crumbling infrastructure.

Best news of the day!