Grey Cup 2021 halftime show

Now that we are awarded the grey cup for 2021 and we havent had one in 25 years come 2021 I think we need to make it amazing and when it comes to the half time show mainly only one group of people will be happy.

The older generation will like the classic rock type band and the younger ones will like something more modern and then you got the ones who like country.

Well depending on the money why not a pregame concert to kick things off…a half time show…and a concert at the end of the game…sounds like something I would be down for. It would cater to alot of different genres of people also.

I think it’s important for the younger generation to get involved into the CFL because they are the future of the cfl.

For me, being in my 30s I wouldnt mind a three days grace type band or Matthew good band or our lady peace…groups like that.

with how quickly music evolves these days, (mainly due to social media), it is very difficult to predict who the hot Canadian band will be in late 2021.

Could I save some time here?

The following answer will apply to 80% of all responses:

“They should play the kind of music that I, personally, liked in high school.?

Doesn’t matter - I’ll probably be lined up for the washroom and/or the beer line.

The thing is, we need some young fans to get into the CFL. Maybe they will go to a football game if they know someone they really like band wise is going to be at the halftime show. Hopefully we can get them to watch one game of the year and that would be enough to be like…“wow the CFL is not the NFL but this is pretty fun. I wasn’t expecting to see this much excitement and the crowd is really into this. This is something I would like to do again next year”

If we can get young people to even think that way, we are winning.

Monster Truck…fits the Hamilton personality.

Our Lady Peace would be amazing. I’m in my mid-20s and my father is in his mid-50s and also enjoys them, so I think there’s a good size demographic there. I would also love Three Days Grace or Billy Talent, but that might not be as well recieved by the older crowd.

I think Alessia Cara skewed a little young. She’s popular in the 16-20 crowd, but teens and adults in their early twenties are (mostly) in school and broke. They might watch a few games from home, but teenagers still live at home and won’t go to games if their parents aren’t interested, and university students would probably rather go to bars or clubs with what free time they have from their studies. Also, neither group has a lot of disposable income to buy merchandise or tickets anyway.

What they should target is young professionals and young families. People who don’t live with their parents, have been in their careers for a few years, have a little more cashflow, maybe have some young children and are looking at family friendly entertainment. These people are the ones who will buy tickets and merchandise, and the young families will pass along the CFL love to their children who grow up with it. Ironically, this is currently the same demographic they missed out on when they were children in the 80s and early 90s, who they now have to try and get back into CFL.

My personal ultimate dream would be that the Barenaked Ladies get back together with Steven Page for one night only, but that’s just a pipe dream and will never happen, but if that happened and the Ticats won the cup in Hamilton, with me there to watch it in person… I could die happy.

I probably shouldn’t complain too much about Grey Cup half time shows, since 101-104 (Hedley before the allegations, Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, One Republic) are all bands that I like.

I would prefer not a rapper or hiphop artist though.

Three Days Grace isn’t the same since Adam left… otherwise that would be fantastic. OLP would be solid but I do think they need to go with someone a bit more current. I’d be willing to put money on the Arkells. Poppy enough to be mainstream, but still rocky enough for me - in this day and age, a band that actually writes songs and plays instruments is as close as we’ll get.

The Arkells show in Toronto on the weekend was fantastic, btw.

I think some are mixing up the target audience for a Grey Cup game and the regular season. Also, the home, TV audience and the stadium spectators.

Those at the game are probably there for the football, especially if tickets approach $200 minimum. And they are a captive audience, regardless of the act. Those at home are more able to drift in and out, or tune in just for the half-time show. If you are targeting the home audience, your choices of performers are probably more likely to be skewed to the younger, potential future fan? Go with the best current hot act available.

right on Palmer, the rest of you guys realize that the HalfTime show isn’t for the fans right? its for to draw in irregular viewers, or keep the “well the whole family is watching so i’ll watch” viewers happy.

The main problem with the show being 2 years out yet, is that we really don’t know who or what will be big then.

2019 (or even 2020) sure we could pencil in the Arkells, call it a perfect Hamilton fit, as well as assuming it’ll be a hot ticket.

For 2021?

Check out the Canadian Hot 100 list for 2016 and let me know how many of those songs you remember? Because I’m drawing a blank on about a third of the artists, let alone the songs.

Not saying the Arkells (again, probably my first choice) will fizzle out by then, but November 2021 is a LONG way away.

Hedley come back… :slight_smile:


BA Johnston.

Jacob Hoggard might not be out of jail by then.

Argos Suck!

Argos Suck!

Argos Suck!


Mark me down for the Arkells. They’re huge, and they have been for a number of years now. Best of all, they’re from Hamilton, and even have a song about the Ticats!

If I were to make a pick based on my own musical preferences, I’d ask for Weird Al Yankovic; but I know that’ll never happen. ;D

Put me down for Arkells as well.

No one better out there right now…and only getting better and more popular.

Well if we are going by the hottest music going on right now we could always do the BABY SHARK song…

that will be a hit in 2 years from now as it is now…


I didn’t like jazz or classical in high school. Like em now.

Here’s hoping jazz/baroque fusion groups become popular in 2021!