Grey Cup 2020 & 2021 rights awarded

Regina = 2020
Hamilton= 2021

I suspect Wadzilla will spring to action from his sedan chair in the next few days and strike a committee, led by Dayna Spiring to prepare bids for either 2022 or 2023

By then, if Nichols, O"Shea & Walters have given up the ghost due to deteriorating results (ie. lower crowds, decreasing sponsorships) they’ll need a fresh injection of capital. Can’t count on Premier Lurchtoba (Pallister) to re-fill the financial gas tank after Wad Miller empties it.

3 to 6 million should give Bombers another 2 to 4 yrs of financial freedom.

And give Wad another few years of inhaling $450,000 to $500,000 from the money tube.

Premier of Manitoba only makes $215k

Mayor of Winnipeg - $187K

Chief cop, Downtown Danny Smythe - $250k

I am curious if any of the above salaries have a “bonus” feature built in to reduce tax paid.

Seems like an easy loophole to close but then a person would have to try to get a politician to do something. 15% tax rates for guys making $500,000 is not how the system is designed to work. Everyone knows how that goes.

Would be interested in opinions related to Matt Nichols speculated renegotiation? Maybe an after career opportunity to stay in Winnipeg.

Good luck to Kienan Lafrance in Sask. Pretty tough job to show your skills with the limited opportunity he got with his hometown team. Guessing the $80,000 was not including the bonus portion which would make him quite a bit more expensive then Johnny Augustine who must be at league minimum. Still bothers me with the depth the Bombers have on special teams that they would pay a Mike Miller rather then keep a younger local guy. I hope he gets a chance to be a Bomber again some day.

Anyone thinking Augustine is next man up in the event of an injury to Andrew Harris can dream on imo. Maybe an in game sub but most likely an International would be starting the next game if AH is down. Makes me wonder who that might be. Maybe Flanders sits on the PR all year again.

Sounds to me like Brady Oliveira might be a guy the Bombers should take in the first round. Seems to see his future in the CFL with some good numbers behind him. Could be the next 33 given the chance.

If Harris goes down (and eventually he will) the probable plan is to roster an American speedster and hope like hell he can do some of the things Harris is exceptional at - - - - most speedsters have speed but no gridiron intelligence, limited pass-catching skill and diminished will under duress!

That’s the downside to having a N starting running back. More ratio balance would be better imo. Mulumba-Tshmingma could be a good fit at WIL that would help with that. Just when you think you don’t have to type Okpalaugo any longer.

Weird really that Edm signed Santos Knox when they already had 2 good NI’s at the spot.

Cam Marshall could be a nice International option in the event of an injury to Harris. Experience being a major factor combined with ability. Low probability imo. Wish they would have grabbed Mercer Timmis.

Bouka could be another ratio changer at db. Likely expensive but possibly worth it.

Just to get the thread back on topic.

The 2020 game in Sask will draw from all corners of the province. The atmosphere will be one of a big Rider game.

2021 in Hamilton will be a hot ticket having been so long since they hosted. 1996 still stands out as one of the great games with the back to back kick return td’s by Gizmo and Jimmy the Jet, Eddy Brown’s off the toe catch, Doug Flutie and the mystery spot in the snow only a few of the memories.

I would like to see 2 pm local time kickoffs. Makes for a better game on a chill November night.

2 or 2:30 at the latest . . . .

Mid-afternoon kickoffs give the league of delaying the start time due to weather conditions, snow-clearing or the like

Starting at 5:30 gives you only one option. Play the game that day despite horrendous conditions - or postpone it one day (which means lots of fans have to renegotiate their hotels, car rentals, air tickets, etc.

…CUPS…strange words in the Peg unless you’re talking about coffee…Glad to see Sask. get their shot and their new stadium should be rocking…And wouldn’t it be great IF we could make the trip …I’m going to call it now…Bombers and Ham…throw back to the good old days when we had a Cup run under Grant…Far fetched…maybe but I think it’s time for a little positive thinking around here regarding the team…and after all Henry Burris has us ranked as no 1 in the west and Hamilton in the east…I believe in Henry ;D

…I see Soli is going to be moved in lotus land …Would look good beside Bighill Jeffcoat and Big Willy…Can you say monster D line…Maybe a little expensive but IF you’re going for the gusto…I say you might as well go all out

The guys is a great running back, but a little lacking in the blocking aspect, which is why he’s still out there.

Was just going to say Winnipeg wouldn’t have the cap space to sign Marshall as a precautionary move and now see that Hamilton just added him.

Bombers need someone who will sit on the PR but still be good enough to play. Much like Flanders did last year.