Grey Cup 2019 Tickets

Hey Folks,

Looking for advice on the best place to purchase Grey Cup 2019 tickets. Last year, I used Ticketmaster, which I found tedious and difficult. The previous year, I lucked out because a buddy in Ottawa was a season ticket holder and was able to get me decent seats.

Is there any other reliable outlet where an out of towner and off-grider can purchase Grey cup tickets. May 7 is when the whole shooting match will be up for grabs and I want to be ready…

Can’t say I blame you for not wanting to pay an extra 35% for the (in)convenience of using Ticketbastard.
I have also found that the seat selection for out-of-towners to generally lack lustre — even for the higher priced tickets, which makes getting a season ticket holder to get you tickets a better choice. There’s gotta be some Calgarians around here who can help a guy out.

Tickets on sale now… Lots available!

Assuming all the blues are all that is available for sale, I would say there are about 7 - 8,000 left. Pretty much all the remaining seats are over $300. Very expensive, although that is not a surprise really as we knew months ago what the prices were going to be.

Bench seats in the back corner of one of the end zones are over $300.

Pay attention Hamilton as these are likely similar to the prices you will pay in 2021…probably a bit more actually.

curious to know, how many $120 tickets were available for them to advertise that was an option.
Right now on ticket master tickets available at$250 + fees, so about $280.

Also noticed that it does not appear the stamps are putting in any additional seating, so the capacity will be the same as normal.

At the same time I read that Edmonton Grey Cup impact was $81 million.
Funny how a stadium with $50K+ capacity and good range of ticket prices can do for the entire Grey Cup week impact. Now, they did have the advantage of not requiring temp seating, but I think this is where teams and cities are missing out in overall revenues by not expanding seating.

I am interested to see in a year from now what the impact will be for Calgary in comparison.

They are adding temporary suites rather than a temporary grandstand. It makes more sense as they probably make a similar amount of revenue without needing to overwhelm the McMahon amenities that an extra 10K of fans would have brought.

I have no doubt that a Grey Cup brings a lot of money into a city ... but those estimates are always made be either the group that organized the Grey Cup or the a business association who benefited from the influx ... so they are not necessarily objective, independent calculations ... it is also important to understand that it means that an additional $81 million was spent in the city ... not that all of it stays there (e.g., hotel chains take in extra money but it goes to head office) ... the employment impact is all part-time (i.e., a few for the planning/organizing and the rest for the week folks are in town) ... and, most importantly, the City only gets whatever is subject to local taxes/fees/charges ... not saying it isn't worthwhile, just saying that it always needs to be considered in context.

Well, ended up using Ticketmaster, got relatively decent seats, and paid through the nose for them. But WTH, I am going to Grey Cup

I like to think that my money is spent towards supporting the CFL. That’s my fairy tale and I will stick with it.

See yas at the big game in November.

Good to hear. On ticketmaster it was only showing the main stands as available for tickets.

Congrats! Have a GREAT time!