Grey Cup 2019 Ticket Sale

Had a look and couldn’t find anything so far.

Have tickets officially gone on sale for season ticket holders in Calgary? And does anyone know when the window will open for season ticket holders in other cities, before the general sale occurs?

I seem to recall from other years, it’s right around the April or May timeframe when we start getting a sniff of tickets. Hotels are booked but holding off on flights until I know our bums will have seats! :smiley:

What’s the word in Calgary?

Yes, the Stamps season ticket holder’s deadline has come and gone. It was a week or two ago. I haven’t heard a peep since.

Of course, Calgary will sell out, add a couple of seats to a nice place to view a game!!
45,000 is the goal but maybe more. Cheers

Attended the 2000 game at Calgary; what a colossal disappointment! The whole season Calgary looked like winning, and Damon Allen stole it away in the finals. That was an incredible playoff. Allen had fumbled in the West Final the year previous, and dedicated the season to atoning for it. Did he ever!

But what a drag to arrive in Calgary without the Stamps in the game. The whole city was dead. Game was a stinker, also, until the fourth quarter when it exploded. Charlie Taaffe called Thomas Haskins’ number on the two point try, rather than the sure fire Jock Climie. Good finish to a Grey Cup. Love ya, Lui!

Stamps have a killer history of washing out in Grey Cup years. It’s absurd to bet against this team, but history says different.

The Guess Who were magnificent.

I got my two seats secured (season ticket holder). My understanding is that the remaining seats are now being made available to other team’s season ticket holders. After that is completed, then and only then will there be public availability.

March 22 was the deadline for Stamps Season Ticket holders. Not sure what the deadline is for everyone else.

Got an email yesterday from the Schooners , the presale offer is on now for them and I presume other teams ssh’s till Friday April 26.
According to the email, May 7th is the date tickets go on sale to the general public.
I checked on ticketmaster with the code they gave me and its looks like lots have been sold (that is if the seating chart is accurate)

Great to hear. Thanks for the update!