Grey Cup 2018 Summary as seen through the eyes of our Commish.

Informative article about G.C 2018 in Edmonton.

Good read.

Pointed out the highlights of the Grey Cup quite well.

Didn’t need to go the doom and gloom route as there will be countless people lining up to do it for him.

I really like his optimism. There isn’t enough of that around. And he’s right about the CFL being more in Canada and the rest of the world.

Quote “More than 55,000 CFL fans packed The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium. Almost 8.5 million of their fellow Canadians watched at least part of the Calgary Stampeders’ triumph on TSN and RDS.
Every festival event was packed: 2,050 at the Alberta Blue Cross Grey Cup Gala Dinner, 5,100 at the paid concerts, 1,734 at the Shaw CFL Awards, thousands more attended the team and tailgate parties.”

It is amazing this didn’t mentioned by the media especially “3rd down nation”. No, I guess it is not surprising. They only print negative crap about the CFL.


3dn had several positive pieces on it.