Grey Cup 2018 set to be best one yet

I was speaking with people that are close to the CFL and the Edmonton committee and I came away in awe of the plans and preparation for the 2018 Grey Cup next season in Edmonton.

The idea of the festival is going to be absolutely amazing. They are basically creating a Grey Cup village around hotels/restaurants and are going to be blocking off blocks of streets for a 2 or 3 day festival.

The zip line is expected to make a return with 2 other things that are suppose to be an incredible attraction.

They are rumored to be selling Grey Cup tickets already way ahead of schedule and they believe by February all 8,000 corporate tickets will be sold out and the 2,000 tickets for executive and club seats to be sold out. By the start of the season when tickets go on sale they believe the entire event will be sold out and will beat the one week record in 2010.

Edmonton committee is also aiming at breaking the world record for 50/50 payout.

The halftime show is expected to be announced early next season and they have already been working with the CFL to sign the act.

So if you are going to be planning on making a trip to a Grey Cup for the first time. Next Grey Cup might be the best one to do it.

If you haven't bought your ticket then get ready when they go on sale. They will not last long.

Interesting to see which 9-9 team will beat Calgary next year.

Oh please.....More of this nonsense?

Sorry, but they won't even make it out of the West.

Maybe the East .... ?

Ha ;D

I was a great time in 2010. Looking forward to the trip.


Hey, as a beleaguered Stamps fan I've earned the right to slag my own team for as long as the healing takes!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

...pssst, ro wasn't looking at your post when he wrote his....but if it helps with your healing process then go with it...

:-* Thanks

AND they will price tickets very reasonably to reach sell out of 55,000.
I would buy mine tomorrow if available. Well done Edmonton!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edmonton always throws a great Grey Cup festival. I've been to 2 games, took part in 3 weeks in 1997, 2002 and 2010. I was only 6 in 84 so no...

Can't wait! Going to be awesome and I don't even need a hotel room.

Sorry I did not mean you....I was referring to the original post.....and poster

Anybody who knows you here knew exactly what you meant, RO.. And that's a compliment ! :wink:

...Edmonton always puts on a great show...

Yes, starting at $99 for endzones I believe...

I don't think it's any revelation that Edmonton will sell out the Grey Cup prior to the start of the next year's regular season. I would bet on that. It's a big stadium but tickets will be reasonably priced for the first time since the 2011 Grey Cup.

Edmonton sold out the Grey Cup prior to the regular season last time they hosted. Best Sports City in Canada!

Oh man, I'm hoping for twice as much snow next year, as Ottawa had this year.

Can't wait to see an Eskimos vs Lions Grey Cup. The Eskies will extract revenge on the Stampeders and do what they were suppose to do this last Western Final. The Lions will cross-over and knock off the eastern opposition, including the Argos. No Argo bounce in that game.

Mike Riley will go up against his buddy Travis Lulay. Everyone will receive an Eskimo pie ice cream voucher in honor of Winnipeg's mayor. Jason Maas will be issued a velcro head set that will attach like an expensive hair weave that cannot be detached preventing him from ripping off his head and fans will be dressed up like Eskimos singing The Christmas honor of Winnipeg's mayor.

Bo Levi Mitchell will be heard in the background singing Humperdinck's "Please Release me let me go"

Jonathan Jennings, QB for the Lions will ask coach Wally, " Do we kick the FG to tie the game and go into overtime or do you want me to go for the whole enchilada?"

There will be 56 000+ revelling fans at the Grey Cup in Common Wealth Stadium. Try to be one of them!

If the tickets are anywhere near as expensive as the last three cups ,and the team sells the game out. Then the Edmonton Gridiron Club should easily turn a 15 million dollar profit on this game. Hopfully they drop the prices a bit and go for an easy sell out with a tidy 10 million dollar profit. Im going sheerly on how The Bombers earned 11 million on their cup by selling only 36000 seats.

I remember hearing when it was first announced to be going to Edmonton that they were going to have more realistic price ranges and not try to gouge like what's happened since [but not including] the 2013 GC.

I've been to two GCs in Edmonton and had a great time both times. I'm not a fan of Edmonton or their fans but I will say that every time I've been there for a game the locals were very sincere in wanting us to enjoy our time there.

I'll be there next year for sure.......

I've watched the Roughriders lose two GCs there but next year will be third times a charm........

No excuse!

You should have been there