Grey Cup 2017

As a Canadian football fan since 1950,(Eskimo Fan) I now understand why eastern Canada controls the country. The last two weeks, coaches of the western division leave me baffled. Jason Moss last week and today Dickenson, two runs, a field goal. Ten points ahead. "they're coming to take me away ho ho he he haw haw to the funny farm where life is easy all day long............" old song( 1966 I think)

I'm thinking it actually may have something to do with Ottawa and Parliament etc. And not so much head coach locations?

Seriously tho - if we look at last year's GC upset by the ORBs and this year's upset by the Argos (both happening to the best team by FAR in the regular season), it really just shines a light on what makes the CFL so great and unpredictable. Because of the way the NFL cuts occur, and the way the CFL game is more exciting with one less down and the larger field, we see teams develop and change mid way or late season and turn into dragon slayers. The NFL can manage predictability throughout the entire year while the CFL not so much, as we see such improvement throughout the season from teams who are best managed. Most exciting IMO.

Just got back from Ottawa. One of the greatest parties I've ever been to. Great atmosphere, just needed more toilets for the stadium.

I really had fun watching the CFL this year.

Usually I watch up until Labour Day, when FB starts down here in the States.

I'd still keep an eye on the CFL after that, and try to catch the Ottawa games when I can. Never miss the Grey Cup.

But this year I wasn't particularly interested in watching a bunch of spoiled millionaires protest our Flag and National Anthem.

So I just watched the CFL instead, and had a blast.

I really enjoyed myself this year. Great league, and great fans.

Thanks fellas.

How was Atlantic Schooners Kitchen Party?

Unfortunately I didn't make it that far. Wanted to go but was saving some of my liver for Sunday.

I totally understand. Had it not be for another trip already booked we would have been in Ottawa.