This should be fun.

Stamps - Argos are always fun in Grey Cups.

Just a couple of intangible variables.

Stamps motivated to redeem.

Argos have Mark T and Ricky R.

This will be a close one.

Looking FWD to it.

Hope it is a good game.

It is to be - 6 with 22 km wind.

ACCORDING to Env Canada.

Saturday is a mix of snow / rain. So the field might have some residual slippery sections.

I always say , conditions are the same for both teams.

Good luck to both.

I hope it really snows.

Sucks for the teams, but that '96 Grey Cup....the snow is part of what made it a great game.

Well....that and the Argos won. ;D

Now that I've gotten over my teams loss and can look forward to one more weekend of great CFL football - I'm really interested to particularly see the technical aspect of two classic, elite pocket passers going head to head. Two brilliant coaches and GMs going head to head. The battles on the line should be fierce, and the receivers should get a workout unless conditions keep majority of the work on the ground. Regardless, the ground game will be important.

Coaching and who is the smarter QB - are the 2 elements that I think this game will come down to.

Ottawa has passionate fans and that means passionate volunteers - so the party will be a good one.

As mentioned, any rain or snow will be on Saturday.

It might just be a bit slippery on the Sunday.

Then again weather reports have been wrong before.

Argos will be fortunate if they don't lose by 20+ pts...

Remember Grey Cup 2016?
Everyone thought Stamps would wipe out the ORBs.

Didn’t happen. Anyone can win next weekend.

The wipe out will happen this year... Stamps won't be underestimating the Argos... they learned the lesson from last year.

The fact that the Stamps won both games in the regular season means nothing.

Regular season records mean nothing.

Sure the Stamps are sure favorites to win.

However, if the Argos win it will no surprise me.

Bodog lists the Stamps as 7 point favourites this Sunday.

Yeah, it's tough to beat a team thrice in one season.

Throw out the records, it's the Grey Cup.