Grey Cup 2016- Toronto, 2017- Ottawa

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So not an official, official announcement at this time.

Kind of the worst kept secret but in terms of Toronto, I'm sure the league will want assurances that BMO will be ready in time, otherwise having the game at Rogers Centre can still work for next year.

And Hamilton in 2018...mark my words.

My guess is one more Grey Cup at the Rogers Centre before they lose the artificial turf and they start putting in grass.

It should be Hamilton in 2018!!!

Even if / after they put in grass they can still host Football events (and other events like concerts) After the baseball season is over. The Rogers Centre just has to be locked into baseball configuration during the baseball season.

Interesting, I was under the impression the future baseball configuration will be permanent. Will be good to see once the Rogers Centre renovation plans are unveiled.

If they could be moved after the baseball season, it could be a nice template in Montreal if a stadium is built for Expos 2.0 and be a CG solution there too.

I'm pretty sure the story should say the "country's" 150th birthday celebrations, not the "city's", regarding Ottawa in 2017.

I would question the wisdom of holding the Grey Cup in Ontario three years in a row. I would be happy to see the 2018 Grey Cup in Hamilton. The one I disagree with is the 2016 game in Toronto.

It's a condition of the sale of the Argonauts to Bell. They get 2 or 3 Grey Cups in the next 10 years.

Well, to play devil's advocate, and I live in Vancouver, since 1990 the GC's been in Western Canada 19 times...and in the east 7 times. Granted, there were only 3 teams in the east for some of the past quarter century but I think it's ok for the east to enjoy a few in a row especially given the new parks and the success of the teams. It's been here twice in the last four years so after the 'peg this November...time for the east to host the fun.

2 Grey Cups in 6 years from what I’ve read. Originally media members were talking 3-4 in 12 years.

While expected that the 2016 GC would be in Toronto, due in large part to the sale of the Argonauts to Bell & Kilmer, I would have liked to have seen Hamilton be awarded the game. Bob Young has been a fantastic owner and the fanbase, team and city deserve a Grey Cup in their new venue. 2017 in Ottawa is a good move and seemed like a foregone conclusion due to the 150th Anniversary of Confederation (Canada’s “Birthday”). However IMO 3 in 3 years all in the same province would be a mistake, let Calgary or Edmonton get 2018 then 2019 give to the Cats just to try and spread the Ontario games out more.

Would be nice if Montreal moved their butts already and figure out what to do with the big owe.

I am not going to play the devil's advocate. The Grey Cup can be a huge bonus for the host city. Toronto has shown time and again that they do not support the CFL, why should the CFL bend over backwards to reward that lack of support. The CFL should be telling Toronto fans that there will be no 'cash cow' for their city until they can demonstrate that they deserve it!

Considering the last 2 Grey Cups in Toronto sold out I think the city embraces the big game better than people think. Better than Winnipeg this year so far and BC last year.

One of those years was 2007 where the Argos average attendance was over 30K, I think the fans deserved it what year. Difference between then and now is better ownership, something that's been lacking in this market for a long time and the one of main reasons why the CG would be coming back.

I attended the last two Cup in Toronto ('07 and '12) and I thought they did a pretty good job both times, especially in 2012. Lots of events down Front St. day of the game and all the usual hijinks Thur thru Sat.

Not sure also why you would think the CFL "bends over" for Toronto given there was a 15 year gap ('92 was the last time before 07) between cups before the last two.

Toronto doesn't support football at sky dome. Don't mistake that for not supporting the CFL until we see the results of the move to BMO.

Not to mention new, more involved ownership

It's the Toronto media who ignores the CFL, not the people, as proven by very good TV ratings for games.
Canadian media pretty much ignores all things Canadian except to bash it - Canadian business, sports culture, celebrities, etc.
This is what happens when our media is American owned or run.

Next year there are no more excuses in Toronto. The excuses never cease to amaze me. It's simple , Toronto doesn't care about the Argo's . Hopefully I'm wrong and BMO turns this franchise around ?

Shaw, Rogers, Corus, Postmedia, Newcap, Quebecor and Bell are all widely held, Canadian public companies, based in Canada and operating in Canada and they're most of "our media" in terms of hours tuned, revenue and influence.

They are neither American owned nor operated.