Grey Cup 2016 Announcement Date

1982 incident? wasn't there a terrible snow storm in Hamilton in 96, the winds blowing off the lake.
Besides the roof goes up at BMO this winter and ready for spring.

Wasn't sure when the roof would be in, however, I would count on it until it is actually installed. Just because they say next May does not mean it will be next May.

There was a snowstorm in '96 slimjim and it helped make that game a classic, but sitting in an open stadium in a snowstorm is a far cry from sitting in an open stadium during high winds and freezing rain which were the conditions in '82. Now that could happen in Ottawa or Hamilton, that's the chance you take in late November, however, if it happened at BMO it would have a very real feeling of deja vu and could have a negative impact on the Argos (especially when Rogers Sportsnet is ready to pounce on any negative CFL/Argo story). Just amkes more sense to wait for the roof to be in place before awarding the Grey Cup to BMO.

And a year ago a lot of people said that BMO, with the expanded seating with the new upper deck on the East side and working through a terrible winter, would never be ready by May. The company they hired has built or renovated stadiums all over North America.
Bad weather is a hazard in Canada in November it's part of the Grey Cup, the big freeze up in Montreal when players had to wear broom ball shoes, the frigid 40 below wind chills in Calgary, the snow in Hamilton, the mud bowl, the fog bowl, the torrential rain bowl.
Besides the roof is over the fans not the field, the conditions on the field won't change. The only plus this time is that BMO will have under field heating to keep the grass from freezing.

The complaints out of '82 had less to do with the game and more to do with the fans. Weather is a part of the game, but why take chances when a roof is coming and why make plans before it is completed. Easy to say it will be ready, but as soon as you say that something happens to delay things. Why take chances, I just don't see what is accomplished by rushing a decision. Look what happened in Winnipeg when they rushed to get into their new stadium.

PCL is constructing the roof, MLSE is financing it. PCL isn’t some wrinky dink consortium like the ones that built THF or IGF. It’s one of the largest firms in the world. They are the real deal, and MLSE will pay overtime to get it done.

Its going to get done by the time TFC are scheduled to play there. Nevermind the Argos 2 months later.

MLSE paid for PCL to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure the first phase was done on time for this season, despite the harsh winter. You can bet they will be doing the same to ensure its done next spring.

They’ve already installed the footings for the new giant roof as we speak. The roof construction is already underway.

Any numbner of things can go wrong. I'm not accusing anyone of dragging their feet or not trying to get it done. There are thing s that happen that are completely out of a contractors control or the stadium owners control. I still say, for the sake of 1 year, wait until it's done. From a business standpoint it is the prudent thing to do.

Look for the next three GC's to take place down east starting 2016. Toronto, Hamilton and Ottawa not necessarily in that order....

Like to see Hamilton first. They haven't had one since 96 I think and they have the new stadium. Toronto next then Ottawa to give them time to build a contender and at least have a shot at playing at home.

Doesn't seem like adding the roof will be a big 6 month construction job. As you say they put the footings in place last winter and I'm sure the sections of the roof will be trucked in seperately and lifted into place.
I think the big job will be installing a CFL field and ripping out the end zone seats and putting in seats that slide away.

If Edmonton doesn't get a Grey Cup till 2020 (as per your predictions) it will be a travesty. It will have been about 10 years at that point. smh.

How is waiting 10 years in a 9 team league a travesty? Seems pretty fair to me.

If it were up to me, there would be no need for trying to figure who should host next.

The rotation policy is a fallacy . There is no rotation.

What I would put in place is the team that wins the Grey Cup would host it the next year. Period .

Hamilton from 1996 says hi.

err. terrible idea.

its not a rotation currently. its a bidding policy.

so if a team is a dynasty and wins 4 straight cup they host it 4 straight times.... no thanks.

if a team is garbage and never wins a grey cup they never host.... no thanks

keep the bidding processs

I know. It will never happen. I get your point but you will never see another dynasty again.
In this modern CFL not gonna happen.

I know it is bids. However, if a team has bid to close to the previous host year, they will look at the next bid.
The CFL does try to rotate.
Yet you can see there is an unfair host frequency. ( Ham Never Cats )

Totally agree Give to Canada's team, which is very classy with great owners

BC Lions

Oh No not PCL or Poor Construction and Litigation. Large companies are not the answer for sure. Harsh winter When!!!!!!!!
Maybe 30 years ago. Really Winter!!!!!!!!!!!!

By southern Ontario standards last winter was harsh. Both in snowfall and temperature.

Wait, I'm justifying a harsh winter to someone in Kelowna? Do you even know what winter is there? :lol:

It was rumoured that part of the Argonauts sale to Bell is that they get 3 Grey Cups in the next 10 years.

Hamilton won it a couple of years ago and they ended up selling it off. That's on them.