Grey Cup 2016 Announcement Date

Ottawa SHOULD be a lock to get the GC in 2017 with Canada celebrating the 150th anniversary of Confederation (or as it is now stupidly called - Canada Day).[/quote


25K isn't on the table. THF and Ottawa can exapnd to at least 35k, maybe even 40K. Which is the max winnipeg and the new regina stadium can expand to. And perhaps even Calgary's new domed stadium they announced this week.

Hamilton and Ottawa look to be about the same, they can add maybe 10k seats to one end of the stadium and a lot less at the other end zone because of the room, maybe 37 or 38k. As I mentioned earlier you only have to raise the ticket prices by $50 to have the equivalent revenue of around 46,000. There should be a lot of demand for less seats and fans willing to pay more for fewer seats.
As for Toronto we don't know if they can put many temporary seats into BMO, they have to remove seats to get a CFL field in there for next year. You can rule out the Rogers Centre since the artificial turf will be gone and I doubt Rogers will allow football back in there for one game every 9 years.
It's going to be many years before they can play November football games in Montreal at the Olympic stadium, no plans to fix the roof.

I gather from all the replies, that the date and choice will be announced depending on what franchise can work it's bugs out.

Time is getting short. We are nearly half way through the season.

I don’t think so. If you think Rogers doesn’t still have their eye on the NFL you’re fooling yourself and as long as they do they don’t want to appear to be anti football in the Skydump. I think they would take a Grey Cup, begrudgingly but they would host one. With baseball over in October what excuse could they have?

I was under the impression that when the Argos move to BMO, Skydome will reconfigure for baseball only.

Or perhaps those were just assumptions.

IIRC correctly Rogers was planning to allow other events in Skydome after baseball season is over, so GCs are likely. As for NFL...even Rogers has to have figured out they're never coming to Toronto.

No one has ever accused Rogers of being the brightest bulbs on the tree.

Having a 45k limit would not have taken too many cities out of the running prior to the new stadiums. The BC, Toronto back and forth was about having a dome, not just having the capacity.

When Regina finally got to host the Grey Cup in the 1990's, they had to expand to 50k. Calgary and Winnipeg expanded to 50K.

I think it changed when it went to Hamilton, and they could only expand to less than 40k. After that, most cities didn't bother to expand to 50k anymore, probably at the same time Grey Cup tickets started to increase dramatically.

Not sure the reasoning but Regina, Winnipeg and Calgary all hosted Grey Cups with 50k+ attendance in the 1990's. Even the old Frank Clair Stadium hosted a Grey Cup with over 50k

A host city can have a successful Grey Cup at less than 45k-50k, but tickets tend to be quite a bit more.

Too Bad Montreal couldn't fix the Olympic Stadium, I have not had a chance to go to Montreal for the Grey Cup yet, would be a blast, but McGill is too small.

The Grey Cup is the biggest single event in Canada every year. It should be treated that way.

Their excuse is "we don't have the artificial turf anymore, it's gone" and we've gone to a permanent baseball configuration and for events "other than baseball" we put a temporary rigid wooden surface over the field.
There is no clause or law that says they have to open up the RC for a Grey Cup.
As for the NFL in the future, who knows? I'm sure they would try to accommodate for the NFL but forget the RC for the CFL the new home and owners are at BMO Field

Um, please explain your line of thought above.

When I look at ticket prices, I think, "Do I want to spend that much for this event? Is it worth it to me to spend around $400 to see the Grey Cup game in person?"
I don't think, "That $400 is more than I am willing to spend to see the Grey Cup game in person, but since they have raised the same seat price to $450 to make up revenue due to smaller capacity at the stadium, NOW I WILL BUY A TICKET!" :?

And my point is, if they won’t accommodate the CFL for a Grey Cup then the NFL wouldn’t even talk to them and I think Rogers’ pride and corporate ego will not allow them to give up on the NFL pipe dream.

Ticket prices are definitely a concern for Grey Cups at smaller venues, and I loved going to the three I have attended in the past, but ticket prices at these small venues will probably push me away. I will stay home then and watch the game in HD.

2016- Probably going to Toronto, as part of deal of purchase, but may not be announced until the new owners take over in January.

That's way too late, they always start promoting next years Grey Cup during the current Grey Cup. You can't end with "We had a great time here in Winnipeg! See you next year in...where ever the hell it's going to be..."

IF they put grass into the Rogers Centre it has to be locked into baseball configuration during the baseball season. It can be converted after the baseball season ends.

Besides , if it did go to Tor, that would be 3 GC hostings in 10 years.

While Ham gets ignored. That is like giving the favorite kid lots of toys while the other kid gets nothing.

For some reason Tor has right of refusal for 2016. Pretty sure Ott is a clock for 2017.

I really want Ham to get 2016.

Has Hamilton even asked to host a GC in the last 10 years ??? They were in no shape to host the last few years. Hotels may be an issue in Hamilton and configuring a new stadium to expand the seating to
40 or 45 k,will need some working out. 2018 could be their year to host ?

Hamilton had the rights to host the grey cup last year but sold them to BC.

The hotel situation in Hamilton has vastly imrpoved the past decade with at least 3 new substantial hotels built downtown and more on the mountain and East End.

Stadium won't be anywhere near 45K. You're looking at 35K to 40K. Not an issue because thats the direction the league is going. Winnipeg and Sask can't get above 40K for grey cup. Ottawa will be around the same capacity in grey cup mode as Hamilton.

My bet is 2016 Toronto, 2017 Ottawa, 2018 Sask/Hamilton, 2019 Hamilton/Sask.

Id say Hamilton gets it in 2018 but the CFL may not want to award 3 straight grey cups to the east so may tell Hamilton they get 2019 and sask gets 2018 in their new stadium set to open in 2017.

Though now that i think of it. we are in the midst of the 3 straight grey cups in the west so maybe its not that much of an issue.

Don't get the fascination with 45k. It's more important to get it around to the whole league.

Tornot in 2016 is a huge mistake in my opinion. Unless the BMO roof is finished stay away from Toronto. BMO sits on virtually the same piece of land as the old CNE Stadium so to hold a Grey Cup there with out the roof when it is already scheduled to be installed is foolish and just asking for another incident like the 1982 Grey Cup. Wait until the roof is up.

The roof will be fully installed by may 2016. Half a year before the potential grey cup.

What timeline have you been looking at?