Grey Cup 2016 Announcement Date

OK, I have been doing searches for even rumors but nothing.

All I can find is the Argos have " right to refuse" for 2016.

I am NOT wondering about who is the host city , but WHEN would there be an announcement ?

Some city needs to prepare, so I am thinking no later than Labor Day weekend.

I can not remember a time when it was this late and still no decision on the next year's GC.

Any thoughts ?

It took over 2 years to negotiate the Argos sale to MLSE with Rogers being the major impediment to getting the deal done. Rogers could also be trying to block the Grey Cup game being played at BMO? It wouldn't surprise me. Rogers might prefer the Grey Cup played at Skydome or maybe they'll block that too? This could be the reason an announcement hasn't been made.

There's also the Winter Classic NHL game at BMO which would share the $1 million expense to erect a 15,000-seat temporary grandstand. The negotiations for that Classic need to be confirmed for a BMO Grey Cup to make economic sense. There's always Skydome for the Grey Cup game but Rogers might have other ideas.

Or they could you know, just give it to Ottawa who as far as I know are ready willing and deserving, but I have heard zero news on any bids.

Ottawa SHOULD be a lock to get the GC in 2017 with Canada celebrating the 150th anniversary of Confederation (or as it is now stupidly called - Canada Day).

GC Probabilities for the next 2 or 3 years:

#1 Ottawa - as stated above, ready willing and deserving

#1A Hamilton- if they have their endzone seating plan ready, go for it, same reasons as Ottawa, Grey Cup in the Hammer would be amazing.

Edmonton - always do a great job, all facilities in place, their spot in the rotation is coming around again soon.

Calgary - worthy hosts, all arguments similar to Edmonton, but MIGHT (just a guess on my part) be using Bob Young/Ivor Wynne strategy of claiming a new stadium is needed to host a Grey Cup, so hosting one at McMahon would destroy that argument and weaken their voice for a new stadium.

Toronto - so long as they can sort out the stadium issues, ideally at BMO if they can fit everyone in, if not would the Dome be available at a reasonable price? But I also don't care for Toronto getting it every 4 years just because they're Toronto when everyone else has to wait 10. Sure, bigger cities can have it a little more often but how about a minimum 5 or 6 year gap?

Regina - new stadium so most likely in the 2018-2020 range.

BC - nothing against them but hosted twice in last 4 years, so spread it around.

Winnipeg - hosting this year obviously.

Montreal - would LOVE to go back there, but McGill is too small and Olympique is now apparently closed in the winter so there is no place to play. :frowning:

Fort McMurray! 8)

Is Hamilton's lack of hotels an issue ? I agree Hamilton deserves to host , I heard the hotel issue from someone from Hamilton.

Four words: RV's on front lawns!

According to the Ticats they still haven't technically moved in, so no doubt that makes it impossible to plan for a Grey Cup, especially with so many deficiencies still to be addressed.

It would not surprise me to learn they cant actually increase capacity to 35k either... which would present a problem.

Can’t it be expanded more than 35,000? That would be really low for a Grey Cup

The plans say that it can fit ~40k with temporary bleachers. However, the concourses were an absolute zoo last year with 24k in attendance. Filling the endzones with temporary bleachers, and adding another 16 000 people sounds like trouble. As much as I'd love to see the Grey Cup in Hamilton, I'd suggest they wait a year or two longer to bid/host and try to work out some of the new stadium kinks.

I am SO DOWN for that!!

This is where I have an issue with the CFL in general.
For years the tradition was to advise on the "next" Grey Cup location, usually the one 2 years out at / during the Grey cup game. In recent years this has gone away & I don't understand how this has swayed. I feel as though the CFL keeps becoming more reactive vs proactive which doesn't spell good things, especially from how people perceive the league.


Yeah but keep in mind you have tones of room to expand your marshaling/concession areas in the endzones, espcially on the south side of the stadium, where you literally just need to take the flagpolls down and move the fences towards Canon St. The North side, once again, it's no stretch to put seating around the scoreboard, move the fence and put your bar area there.

As a side note, if THF continues to sellout, the Cats might opt to build some additional seating at the stadium corners, where there is still some room to add more seats and make the place a bit more bowl like. I just hope they only start increasing seating by a couple of hundred at a time.

They can't just add more seats up in the corners above the lower deck, that would mean a major structural construction with steel beam supports and millions of dollars, you think the city would pay for that when they just opened the stadium?
Besides, there doesn't seem to be a demand for tickets in advance, they are selling out on game day, people are waiting to see what happens with the weather, if the team is winning etc.

As for a Grey Cup, they can likely put in a grandstand on the south end 10k of bleacher benches and likely another 3 or 4k under the video board at the north end. Brings it up to 37 or 38k for a Grey Cup and all they have to do is charge $50 more than they do now for a GC ticket and you have your equivalent of 47k or so in revenue.

Yes I agree this is very late in the game in making an announcement as they’ve been generally 1 1/2 to 2 years out.

My train is thought is that the delay has to do with the new ownership taking over effective Dec 31. I would think their contract to promote via MLSE kicks in at that time too, so this wouldn’t be under Braley’s marketing budget (if one exists)

Still it wouldn’t hurt to announce it and use it as a vehicle to stimulate 2015 ST sales…but that ship as seemed have set sail.

My only concern with future Grey Cups, is that most of the new stadiums being built won’t even be able to be expanded to 40k. The stadium sizes, are great for CFL regular season games, but there used to be an unwritten code that if you wanted to host, you had to be able to have close to 50k capacity, expanded or already available.

With the cost of tickets going up across the league, how much are Grey Cup tickets going to go for at 35k capacity. Loss of 15k, might not have an impact on the funds drawn for the actual game because of ticket increases, put the week long events and the city hotels might be missing them. Not to mention the simple fact that 15k people a year don’t have a chance to experience the Grey Cup in person.

I don’t want only BC, Edm, Tor (if Skydome is available), Montreal (If dome isn’t falling apart), to host, but when building these new stadiums, I think more thought for temporary expansion should have been given.

As for the original post, Ottawa and Hamilton with their new stadiums and Ottawa’s return would be a natural fit. Of course as mention, Ottawa for 2017 makes sense for the 150th. I don’t think, for the Football configuration at BMO, Toronto would not be able to put much more than 30k, would have to look at Skydome.

Edmonton, would be a good fit as well, always seem to do a good job.

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Edmonton is an UNREAL experience for a Grey Cup. I went back in 2010 and then in 2002. I find it very confusing why places like Toronto seem to get it more. Commonwealth boasted around 65,000 fans in both the Grey Cups mentioned and great festivities the entire week leading up to it. From what I hear, one of the best cities for the event but we only get it every so often.

There should be a 45,000 seat minimum to host the Grey Cup. To play in crap shoots like THF and McMahon is a slap in the face for our league with limited expansion seating.

45,000 seat minimum?

So rotate between two cities eh. Vancouver and edmonton.

Rogers wants nothing to do with the cfl. Rogers centre is out.
Olympic stadium cant host winter events.
Every other stadium cant get 45,000 seats. Save for calgary which you already excluded.

Cal out. Ham out. Mtl out. Ott out. Win out. Sask out.

Bigger isnt always better. Less than 45,000 seats isnt a "crap shoot". Bc place couldnt even sell out their 54,000 seats last year because they had the grey cup 3 years prior. And you want to only rotate it between 45,000 plus capacity stadiums? Get ready for half empty grey cups returning to the same city every 2 to 3 years.

Like when it bounce from Toronto to Vancouver to Montreal and back for several years? From 76-82 it bounce between Toronto and Montreal then those 3 got 7 of the next 10 before they started to spread it out. I would rather see it played to a sell out in a 25k stadium than a visibly less than sold out mega dome.

25 K would be a joke and a complete embarrassment to the league. I'll take 50 k in commonwealth or BC place, not sellouts , still a solid crowd and a tad more money than 25 k. I think the league may need to look at GC ticket prices . Certainly no further increases for a few years.