Grey Cup 2014

With all of the sniping between Rider Fans and Cats fans. It is time for fans of other teams to speak up. Who is really going to the Grey Cup this year… I say it is Johnathan Crompton against Mike Reilly. What do you guys say it is?

Alright grammar police... "Who...not what"

Bombers vs REDBLACKS

It doesn't matter, the Western team is going to win.

Crompton will do just enough without any major mistakes and Montreal will use their dominant defence to get to the Cup.
Calgary, will not miss out this year after finishing first again. So far D Line is still healthy.

Montreal has the hardest schedule, Toronto and Hamilton, Good Luck with that :lol: Who ever wins there last 2 games is in :rockin:


Realistically it should be one of the Alberta teams,unfortunately it looks like they are on a collision course. Going strictly by season play,consistency and overall record,the Stamps should be a lock this year............SHOULD being the operative word here,we are after all talking about the CFL after all where Goofy things can and have happened in the past. So with all that being said,I wouldn't write off the East just yet. :cowboy:

SSK vs. Edmonton Grey Cup. The only team in the East that I can see beating the Riders in the playoffs is Hamilton, but I don't think they will make the playoffs. The Riders seem to play well in Toronto, and although Crompton has shown some promise in the regular season, playoffs are a completely different ball game especially going against either Durant or Joseph who have both had lots of success in the playoffs.

I recall the argos laying an absolute beating on the riders in Toronto in week 2 this season. So, I don't think the Riders will have a cake-walk through the east if they are the team who, in fact, crosses over.

I'm going with Toronto vs Edmonton in the big game.
That will be a refreshing change.
Even Hamilton vs Edmonton would be nice to see.

Hmmmmm!!! So I guess then since you have Saskatchewan coming out of the East,then you must think that the Esks will win the Cup :stuck_out_tongue: Because there is no way that a team from the inferior East has a hope in Hell of winning anything this year much less the Grey Cup. Oh and just for the record,the Cats will be in the playoffs and we will be waiting for you. :slight_smile:

If I were you I would be more worried about your team getting embarrassed by Ottawa this week then a potential playoff date with the Riders.

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And that was with Durant at the controls. Mind you the Riders returned the favour in the rematch in Regina. But I agree with you, a Riders cross over doesn't give them an easier path to the cup game. Kerry Joseph gives them a bit more hope than if they went in with Sunseri starting, but only a bit. I'm not sure where all this bravado is with Joseph at the controls. What's his record as a starter since coming back? And that Rider D that was so strong to start the year hasn't kept anyone under 20 points since week 9.

Esks to the cup? A bit of a wishful thinking maybe since they'd have to get past Calgary, which they haven't been able to do in 3 meetings this year. I don't think Jones and company manage it on their fourth try either.

In the east, Montreal is on a 5 game winning streak, they're playing just well enough to take the east, even with a western team crossover.

Calgary-Montreal is my guess.


For all the reasons listed.

Thanks wolverine for saving me the typing.

I recall the Argo’s first year with Cleo Lemon; Tiger-Cats beat the argos all 3 regular season games only to lose to them in the playoffs.
For that reason, I’m going with the Eskimos over Calgary should they meet in the West Final!

Going back to 2009 when Durant started quarterbacking the Riders they are 4-2 in Toronto. Not saying that this stat tells all but Durant has had success out there.

I vote Calgary vs Montreal...