Grey Cup 2014 Stubble update

I had to identify the year so as to not get mixed up with next years Grey Cup. :rockin:

I did notice he was virtually Stubble free for the East Finalvvvv

Coach Austin stubble at practice today

He looks a lot better without the stubble. :thup:

There's a minute difference between clean shaven, 5'oclock shadow, stubble and gnarly.

East Final just breaks into stubble territory, last east final was almost in gnarly territory.

I do wonder if he's ever heard of these threads? I mean, can you imagine the Caretaker having this conversation with the head coach.

So Kent, I think you should shave on Wednesday

Uhh....K why?

Oh, a whole bunch of fans think your stubble is magical. There's well over six pages of comments on the subject.