Grey Cup 2013 halftime show...

Seriously...halftime show is Hedley, a pop band from some amateur night tv no-talent show?
Who made that decision?

Wow. Bad decision making there.
Remind me of who was the half time show entertainment last year in Toronto....wasn't it Justin Bieber or the Hansen Brothers or some lame teeny bop bubblegum garbage as well?

Come on CFL cities, get your act together for Grey Cup half time it right or don't do it at all.

The Sheep dogs should of been the half time band, But Hedley beats Bieber any day of the week!! What a first half!!

Just watched the half time show... Thought it was pretty darn good!!

#@%&* What is with some people. You can't complain about Darian Durant, so you have an issue with the half time show. The show was just fine..even better than fine. Can we just be happy ! PLEASE!!!

Headly and the sled doing the flip as it was airborn was darn good loved it..

I'm not a big Hedley fan but anyone who didn't enjoy the halftime show was never going to be pleased to begin with or didn't even watch it and then just complained.

He probably wanted Celine Dion :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude?/ Seriously ? What halftime show were you watching?? What were you expecting? to voice a complaint but not following it up with a suggestions of what you wanted instead,speaks violumes for who you are....just a troll.My personal opinion was of a rousing raucous pump up the volume eyepopping sled demo with some very very catchy pop music.Im 51 years old and I WAS TAPPING AWAY AND SINGING ALONG,absolutley beat the lving HELL outa Shania Twin and Blue Rodeo...for those that remeber Edmonton and Vancouver.

The half-time show is when you are supposed to visit the john and get more food, not watch or care about what music "artist" is on the field. Does anyone actually think there is a single act that would get more than a 50% approval rating from this board?

Not a big fan of Hedley, but surprised to find myself singing along. It was better than I expected.

But the snowmobile jump, that was awesome. Yeehaaa!