Grey Cup 2012

Just got a call from the ARGOs about the deposit I put down for my seats.
The jist of the conversation was:

  1. If you put down a deposit you will pick after Argo season ticket holders, The CFL, Sponsors, all other teams allotment of tickets.
  2. There is a chance you may not have all your tickets together.
  3. Ticket Master will have a 72 hour window to choose your tickets late May or early June.
  4. Now heres the pitch! If you buy an Argo 10 pack essentially a season ticket you move up the ladder to pick in April.



The Argos want more buisness. Simple as that. Garunteed tickets in Flex Packs and Season Tickets mean you can present a better case for negotiation with your sponsors for how much they pay this season.

Look at it this way, say you have 3 buddies and want to see the likely two Argos vs Ti-Cats game in Toronto. There's your tickets, plus one. You'll even get that flex pack at a lower rate then the game tickets. Now if they require a full season ticket, then yeah...I'd say they are getting greedy.

So if I understand this process correctly, you get almost no consideration if you put a deposit down on season seats as opposed to paying everything up front now (choosing after sponsors, the league and other teams). And you may not get all your seats together (so much for bringing the family). And Ticketmaster will determine to some degree what you get (and we all know how fair they are).

This, so called, offer from a team that played so poorly last season and couldn't draw flies as a result. This comes off as pretty arrogant to me. I would tell them where they can put the tickets.

I'll take all this back if I'm not getting this rightly.....

Arrogant is Leafs and that seems to work. Ok, it's the Leafs and they can get away with it, heard that before, and before... :roll:

I don't think this is any different than what other teams do. In 2004 I was an Ottawa Renegade season ticket holder, I was given the option of reserving my allotted seat for the Grey Cup game. As a season ticket holder I wouldn't want someone else sitting in my seat for the Grey Cup. It's only right to give your own season ticket holders first choice.

mikem you are quite right all teams do it. The Cats did it in 1996. I have no issue with that. My issue is it seems like a pressure tactic by the Argos to sell more season tickets. Not just to Argo fans but to fans of other teams wanting to pick seats earlier.
I was also told the allotment of Tickets the Ticats will have for season seat holders of thier own is 1000. I have heard this from the Argo rep that called and also from the TiCats themselves.
Tcmik :smiley:

Earl wrote:

"Arrogant is Leafs and that seems to work. Ok, it's the Leafs and they can get away with it, heard that before, and before... "

When you're selling out every game and have a waiting list for season tickets...yeah...that would about comparing apples to oranges...Earl....Earl....Earl....

I actually submitted a request for Season ticket holder infomation with the Argo’s (while also continuing to hold my current TiCats seasons seats) and guess what I got…nothing. :roll:
Nothing sent to me in the mail, nothing sent to my email and not a phone call. The Argo’s are obviously well off as a team and must have a sold out stadium for the 2012 regular season. Good luck boys, you only get a chance at my money once.


I don't understand. Do you want the Argo tix, or not?