Grey Cup 2012 (100th Anniversary)........

Looks like the Argos will be hosting the 100th Anniversary, I know it hasn't been announced officially yet.

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A generally negative article but then it's Sportsnet, what do you expect, last thing they want is a successful 100th Grey Cup, right in their backyard Toronto. It must bug them that some people like me will ante up good coin for this game and not pay anything to go to an NFL game in their stadium. But that's business as they say.

Not surprising in the least. Probably the worst kept secret. It's almost as if Toronto won by default.

how can u figure on toronto in 2 years look at the stuff they got going on now im sure the last thing there worried about right now is 2012 grey cup and they sure as heck wont be in it

The City of Toronto BETTER put on a Grey Cup Parade for the 100th celebration .And do much better job than they did the last time they hosted it! or CFL should award it to another city!

I wasn't there...Why was it bad?

IF these Financial figures are close to being truth, then Rogers has recouped their investment in Sky-dome solely on what they steal away from the Toronto Argonauts and infact the Argo,s are supporting(proping up) the Blue Jays, and the NFL in Toronto Fiasco! :roll: Are there no laws, to protect a Smaller Business and Historicaly Important Team?

The Fans put on their own parade , Kept the tradition alive, :thup: The City of Toronto refused to put on an official Grey Cup Parade.

City didn't have money to pay for it and the city shouldn't be obligated to do so ...
Hamilton has some issues
gotta stop bashing toronto and other sports leagues .. the CFL is on life support compared to them you sound kind of silly.

The bluejays dont need boosting .. nor does the NFL they tried to take advantage of people with ticket prices and it didnt work but thats why it failed if it was reasonable it would have worked ( and also had gotten a decent team to play there )

A. The CFL is not on life support. All but 2 teams are doing well at the league is expanding.

B. Hamilton only has issues with Toronto cuz they thumb their fu fu dog owning, marble counter-top loving , bourgeois noses at us.

C. Of course Toronto can afford a Grey Cup Parade. How much money did they blow on failed Olympic bids, summer festivals and sleeping TTC employees? I think it should be mandatory in a city's bid for hosting a Grey Cup that it puts on a parade. Period.

I don't think Toronto deserves the 100th. GC. I think all organisations should submit plans for the event and the commish and broadcaster along with maybe select sponsors should review the plans and pick the best one.

I don't understand why they would put the GC in the city that cares the less about the team. love that third base protruding through the shitty astro turf :thup:

Considering the refurbishing of BC Place. Vancouver, Edmonton and Montreal would be my picks.

IMO Baltimore deserves to host it over Toronto. Baltimore never got to defend their 95 G.C. :cowboy:

Little America dose not deserve the 100th grey cup! They don't Even really wana CFL team! MTL IMO would be the best suited for the 100th grey cup. Pipe dream but perhaps here in Hamilton!:stuck_out_tongue:

Hey I know Toronto won the first Grey Cup in 1909 but Hamilton won in 1912,so it is really our 100th Anniversary!!!

They have more fans attending games than Hamilton does .... so how can you say that ... i'm starting to think the labour day games are padded by Toronto fans ...

The numbers don't lie ...

So in your words... Hamilton must be pretty bad huh !!!!

The numbers do lie RYCK, and only indicate the number of tickets distributed not the number of people in the stands, or that passed through the turnstile. So if a team wants to they can hide their strugling ticket sales and inflate their attendance by handing out 2 or 3 thousand freebies.

Not that a business would do that, in a city where image is everything.

Unless you know "for sure" it doesn't mean a thing :wink:

First of all the nr's would be padded both ways. Ever go to a Ticats @ Argoes game? At the game last Oct there was more Cats fans in my section and the two adjacent section by a wide margin. Hell it seemed like half the stadium was wearing B&G. The Go train we were on was rammed with Black & Gold jerseys.

As per the freebies, Hamilton has learned its lesson while it looks like Toronto has not. When I first got in to watching the Cats a few years ago it was hard to get a ticket that wasn't discounted in some way or free all together. Such promotions hurt the team in the long run. They kill the perceived value of a ticket. One of my closest friends lives in Scarborough and he tells me he gets offered free Argoes tix all the time (mainly through his work). He doesn't take em because as he puts it "My first football game was at IWS, After that how am I supposed to watch football in that cave?" So he drives down here for all Saturday or holiday games. The Argoes need to find a different place with a better game day experience.

As if the Argos could ever support the Blue Jays. Get real.