Grey Cup 2011

.....It's been a long time since the Bombers hoisted the Cup...I hope we can get it done Sunday...A couple of things ,in my estimation, we have to do....First contain Lulay...Don't let him run wild like he did against the schmoes..Keep the pressure on him early and force him to make mistakes...We have the D that is very good at this aspect of the game....Secondly, I would like to see Buck get us on the board quick.....Going in as underdogs this will put the pressure on the Leos...If we can get them off their game and trying to play catch-up...we have a good shot...Most of all we have to eliminate stupid penalties and turnovers...AND PLEASE handoffs from the shot-gun on short yardage...Paul has to call a great game...Anyway I hope we can pull off an upset...It's going to be a defensive battle and that's OUR game...Best of luck BIGBLUE...bring the Cup home :thup: :rockin:

Good luck to the Bombers. I have a strong feeling they are going to pull this thing off. That D is just to much of a game changer IMO. And if you do get a lead, Lapo better not start that playing not to lose stuff he if famous for, rather keep the peddle down and keep playing to win. Hope you guys have a great Monday after rather than what we have had to deal with the last couple of years. Go get em.

..Thank-you taleback...It's great to see support from elsewhere....It's all on the line now...I hope we can deliver :thup: :rockin:

...If and when this team ever gets an offence we could be dangerous...Over and Out :thup: ...Was a great season :thup: :rockin:

Congratulations to the Bombers for a remarkable turnaround season, and kudos to Bombers fans for crushing the record for seasons tickets sold this year, a year when the Jets returned and also sold a ton of tickets.

Well done Winnipeg! :thup: '

Can't wait to see the new stadium on TV next season!

You guys do have every reason to hold your head high. It was a great season for the Bombers and Buck had one of his healthiest seasons yet. Maybe now it's time to drop the Swaggerville name. Not that it isn't deserved but it's simply an embarrassingly tacky and cliché name.

The swaggerville "frenzy" tailed off here months ago, after the 2 losses to the Riders. The defense got all caught up in that hype they got lost for a bit, after they stopped focusing on that they were able to settle in and play good D the rest of the season.

If you would've said at this time last year when the bombers were 4-14 that the team this year would win the division and make the grey cup, most of us would've been happy, some of us wouldn't have believed it could've happened. Next year is another year, the youngest team in the league gets a little older and wiser, let's focus on taking the 100th cup!

Thanks guys but, nothing is as embarassing as a 20+ year cup drought in a small league. Bombers need to do whatever it takes to win next year because despite the support this season, fans are getting fed up.

We have to be patience. Its easy to have a knee jerk reaction and damage the team. We're on the right track now.

Really? fans are getting fed up? doesnt seem like it to me.. honestly, i think "fans" on the internet arent really the majority at all... i think we are the vocal minority.. very much so a minority.. i mean what.. 30,000 ++ each game and what? 100 of them post on the net? i dont think fans are fed up, not the real fans atleast

im not fed up cuz im not delushional and i realize it takes time.. i mean be honest with yourself.. lets pretend..

Its june 2011... the season is about to begin... 4-14 bombers from one season ago...

fast forward to november 2011 and that 4-14 team from a year ago.. finishes first in their division, wins a home playoff game and loses in the grey cup...

honestly, be honest cuz i think if you are honest with yourself... if someone told u in june 2011 that we would finish first.. sweep the cats, take the season series from the als, get a bye, win our playoff home game and lose in the grey cup...what would you have told them? be honest.

4-14 a year ago to 10-8, first place and grey cup finalists in one year... fed up? how so? because the team NOONE,NOT ONE OF US,even in our ultimate homerism, thought would even make the playoffs...let alone win the division,win their home playoff game and lose in the grey cup..

surely theres a topic from seasons start, i think people need to have some memory cuz 2011 was indeed a success.. it was actually one hell of a success.... that in june 2011, not one of us thought would happen.

this fed up crap... its just that i think.. crap.