Grey cup 2011

Just got an email for a pre-buy for Grey Cup tickets... prices are either 150 or 430... no in between... Anyone else get it?

I got the email as well. The email didn't say you had to purchase either the $150 or $430 tickets though. In fact, the $430 tickets are sold out.

I got the "Field Pass" email too. Just over a month to go till the first game on T.V. :thup:

I got this,

[url=] ... erCats.pdf[/url]

from the TiCats.

I put down a deposit for tickets through Ticketmaster a while ago. How does this work, I haven't been notified by TM of this pre-sale?

Anyone here got tixs ?

We got 12 (4 in a section & 8 in another one) for our Grey Cup crew.

I got 4 in sec 207 and 4 in 222.
Man do I hate ticketmaster though. I wish you could phone in. It works fine for buying 1 or 2 tickets but it is horrible for big ticket purchases.

Go Riders

Oh great. The $430 seats are sold out already. I guess I won't be going after all this year since all that's left are the crappy seats. Nice job saving some for the schmucks who don't have season tickets. :frowning:

One thing about BC Place, the sightlines are pretty darn good. Must have been in there 100 times. Just stay out of the endzone corners down low, higher up is fine tho. Other than those lower corners there's not really a bad seat in the house.

Come on out, enjoy the game.

The stadium is due to open September 30th vs Edmonton and this is what it's going to look like (very similar to Commerzbank Arena in Germany).

From what I hear, apart from the concrete foundation, it's going to be virtually unrecognizable from the 'old' B.C. Place (note - coloured seats which will be wider).

Very nice! Anxious to see it live and in person. People should be very proud there of this for the entire province. :thup:

That’s not actually what the seats will look like, is it? Purple, red and grey looks pretty god awful.

When I read the topic, I thought it was a thread to predict the 2011 Grey Cup finalists. Darn! I will nonetheless offer my predictions: Calgary VS Montréal.

I hope not. Tired of seeing Montreal in the GC. Come on Win/Tor/Ham!

No prob, TiCats will be in the 2011 GC IMHO. :wink:

This one will be a battle of the cats...

Cats from the East, Riders from the West me thinks. Anyways, wife is anxious to do some Vancouver Island touristy thingy first and the new BC Place I'm' looking forward to seeing. The Grey Cup is a bargain compared with what people are paying in Vancouver to see the Nucks in the SC final, which is great, but in a stuffy hockey arena. No problem stuffy hockey arena but at those prices? No thanks. And how many people from out of town are there in Vancouver for these games? It's just a love-in for people from the city. Nice but really no big deal, from a cultural viewpoint. I respect the SC, huge, but, NHL is below CFL in my books. GC no. 1. :thup:

Did you just feel like taking a shot at hockey? :expressionless:

Let me rephrase - grew up playing hockey and loved it then and love it now. But I ended up enjoying high school football better than hockey and in time enjoying football more overall as a spectator than hockey.

People can go nuts over hockey, Nucks fans deserve to celebrate and St. John in junior hockey etc. It's all good but I'm not into hockey like I used to be, the Don Cherry mentality and undisciplineness of the game with fighting etc. has turned me off the sport a lot, as well as Bettman's USA plan seeing places like Atlanta "better" if you will than Winnipeg.

I just don't have it for hockey like I used to, that's all. And I don't apologize for it. I don't have a problem for Canadians who say they like the NFL but not much the CFL, no problem. I like the NFL better than the NHL (CFL no. 1 for me though) and maybe that can be interpreted as a "non-Canadian" thing to say, whatever.

At any rate, thought this article was somewhat interesting:

Mayor Ford must choose between CFL, NFL

[i]The Canadian Football League today kicks off its 100th-anniversary celebration of the Grey Cup.

All of the right people have been summoned to a press conference in Toronto; celebrated stars of present and past, league builders, corporate backers and political glad-handers will mutter glowing tributes.

Most of them will even mean what they say. But, then with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and his brother, city councillor and political right-hand man Doug--we just don't know.

Where they stand when it comes to the CFL and the Toronto Argonauts depends on what day it is, or from which side of their mouth they happen to be speaking into a microphone.

They will be all smiles and chuckles today with CFL commissioner Mark Cohon; there will be hearty words with Canadian senator and B.C. Lions and Argonauts owner David Braley, and perhaps mention of how the CFL gives Canadian kids with a love of the game something for which to strive.[/i] ...

[url=] ... en-cfl-nfl[/url]

That's all fine, Earl, but I still don't understand why you brought it up in the first place. No one was discussing hockey. People were discussing the Grey Cup. Then you came in and took a shot at the NHL for no real reason. Struck me as a little odd.