Grey Cup 2011 tickets

Just checked out the prices, they're not too bad. $375 for club seats or $300 for mid field, lower bowl is not too bad. I'm just surprised that there are only 4 prices, normally there have been 5 or 6 at BC Place. Either way, one more payday and I'll have my deposit down on my seasons and Grey Cup tickets.

Lets just hope that another crane doesn't nail one of the roof supports again! I hope it goes smoothly but having to go to Empire for one more game would be no bad thing either.

Where did you find out about these prices? Can you post a link?

Just gotta hope it doesn't rain.



Here's the link

They just announced today that their half billion dollar retractable roof could not retract or close if it's raining. (They likely would not have it open for the Grey Cup anyways.)

Yeah, it would be closed all November so where's the issue?

No issue, where's you sense of humour?

I say they are well priced.

Would someone reserve a ticket for me please? :smiley:

It will be 17 years since a team won the Grey up on home turf (1994 BC Lions). Not a bad way to open up the new place, with a Lions Grey Cup victory, eh? :smiley: