Grey Cup 2010 in Edmonton, anyone confirm this?

I heard that the Grey Cup in 2010 will be in Edmonton.

Can anyone confirm this rumour?

Edmonton Greycups are awful ,due to the field conditions,the last won in 02 was a joke. I know the city and organizers will do a great job. It's just to bad the field falls apart by the 2nd Q.

I suspect it would be helped alot if the season could start sooner, and have the Grey Cup in the first half of November. This year, a GC game in early November at Commonwealth would not have suffered from a winter-affected grass field, due to a mild fall.

They really should put artificial turf in Commonwealth because its the right thing to do.

They should be announcing it anytime soon. The last 2 Grey Cups have had 2 years to sell tickets and promote.

I agree that Edmonton should put in artificial turf. Although I love seeing the grass, in winterlike conditions the field is frozen or muddy, etc, etc. I don't want a 3-0 Grey Cup. Remember the Pittsburgh -Miami game last year? There was a punt that stuck in the ground becasue the field was so bad.

The rumour last year was that Hamilton would get the Grey Cup in 2010 but our president turned it down because of the condition of the stadium and concession stands.

Are they looking at renovating Ivor Wynne anytime soon though?

Waiting to see what happens with the whole Commonwealth Games for 2014 I think it is, scenario and how it plays out with facilities for what communities in the GTA, Niagara region. If, of course, Canada is awared the Games. Oops, I mean Pan-Am Games.

It would make sense for it to go back to the east,after it being in Calgary in 09. I know there is talk of Toronto getting the 100th GreyCup, which would be terrible. Grey Cups in Toronto, equal no atmosphere in and out of the skydome. Same with BC. Should either go to MTL. or WPG, if they get the stadium built in time.

What crackpipe have you been smoking? The 2007 Game was a rousing success. Mind you, having the first ever Banjo Bowl GC helped, but it was the best organized GC seen in Toronto in years.

" best organized Grey Cup in Toronto " it's like being the tallest midget. The majority of Toronto looks down upon the cfl. It reflects in the lack of Buzz from the locals. The only reason why there was any buzz,were the people from MB and SK, made the trip. When you go to Grey Cups in MTL, WPG, SK, EDM, and CGY as soon as you get to the airport,there are welcoming committees ,fans, banners, and even high school marching bands. This carries on to all parts of those cities, in Toronto, no of this happens.

Both Vancouver and Toronto put on wonderful Grey Cups and will do even better jobs the next time around. In both cities for previous Grey Cups the game didn't come even close to selling out. The 92' game wasn't a sellout and Vancouver didn't sellout its stadium for a Grey Cup since 1987 until they did so MONTHS before season's end in 2005.

There are other technologies available other than just laying artificial turf that could improve the playing surface of at Commonwealth Stadium while keeping the storied natural grass playing field. The field can be heated from underground pipes that would help keep the field from freezing over. Currently no stadium in Canada uses this technology.

They don't need too. No other field turns in to a swamp by half time. The new field turf is quite resilent and holds up well.

And you base that on what? All the fans who flocked to the NFL games held there last year? :roll:

Your fan attendence, you struggle to give away tickets. A city the size of Tor, should be getting at least 45000 a game. The media ignores the argos for the most part. Unless there is a huge story. The only reason why the nfl game didn't sell out, is Rogers got way to greedy and made ticket prices way to high. I'm not denying that Tor. doesn't have die hard Argo fans, just not enough of them. For most of the regular season games,the crowd is so quiet,you would think a church service is going on.
Hopefully when the nfl dream dies,people realize what a great brand of football they have in the CFL and really get behind their team.

  1. Your reference to "you" is misplaced, ro isn't in Toronto.

  2. I'm not sure 45,000 is attainable with all the other sports entertainment options available to Toronto residents. It'd be nice, but I think it's a dream; talk about 35,000 and I might agree with you.

  3. Rogers greedy and over-priced the NFL match? No question about it.

  4. Just not enough die=hard Argo fans? I concur completely; look at how few posts and posters there are on the Toronto boards, as compared to the lively discussions and many posters on the Hamilton and Saskatchewan boards.

And don't blame me....I live and work in Toronto, but since I was born and raised in Hamilton, I can never be an Argo fan, die-hard or's in my blood.

And I was remiss not to also say that I agree with your comment that the Toronto media tends to ignore the Argos.

A while back Steve Simmons in the Sun wrote an article about the lack of 'buzz' surrounding the Argos. I emailed him, told him I generally agreed with the article, and then encouraged him to be part of the solution....asked him to start writing more about the Argos............start with an article on why Mike Benevides is such a hot prospect for head coach.

He didn't reply to me; he hasn't written about the Argos again (save for one brief line in a year-end article indicating that 2009 will be a tough year for any Toronto sports team to make the playoffs).

...Sad but true MadJack.....Simmons writes an article...all be it ...a back- handed slam at the Argo organization..then he doesn't follow it up with any comment at in the end, only the negativity of his comments prevails....Typical, T.O. type tripe....Bring in some media people from Edm....Sask. ...or even Van. and give them a media job, so they can learn how to report the CFL.......but then.... they'd probably only get swallowed up by the centre of the universe..and things would stay the same...It's a hard nut to crack... :roll:

That is a far cry from the majority of people in Toronto looking down at the CFL.
The media ignores the CFL everywhere....and again the media is also a far cry from the majority of people.

And where do you get that the Argos "STRUGGLE" to give away tickets?

Do you make this stuff up as you go along?

And finally....Im not in Toronto!

Maybe he's basing it on all the garbage Berezin has posted. :stuck_out_tongue: