Grey Cup 2010 - Game Thread's hoping for as exciting a game as last year....good game to all...

Lets go boys, give us a hell of a GC!!!!

I was gonna say let's also hope for a clean and organized game thread, but we all know that isn't going to happen. :lol:

I hate the Riders !

Oh and he takes a shot at me :lol:

Anyone else boo the officials? :lol: OK, so Chief might be a little tipsy...

Actually, I was making a crack about the recent forum issues. :lol: You're OK in my books. Unless you cheer for the Alouettes, then all bets are off. :wink:

I like the Riders but I don’t think I could handle the Fans Gloating all year.

Man Millers speech was pretty weak I thought, is that all he can muster for motivation.

Wondering if these anthem singers just left the bar after an all niter

I am so pumped!!!

And I am confident that the Riders will win :slight_smile:

But win or lose, I'm proud of my Team.

Good game to all !!!!

No added motivation necessary ...

Let's go Al's.....two in row!!!

Looking good so far.

Little AC for 6

What do the Grey Cup game and burned out Christmas light have in common???

Nothing!!! wish my wife would leave me alone. Geez I missed the Al’s TD!!!

Broken leg that looked pretty nasty, lef floping around eww

Game on!!

Man Duvall sucks in pressure games. Riders have the momentum.

Rider D is looking like they are tightening up the noose.

FYB is starting to win me over ... or at least MRX is starting to lose me. I couldn't post anything and when I closed down and re-opened the forum, this thread wasn't even in the list at all. Man oh man.

Anyways, great game. Turned real defensive this quarter.