Grey Cup 2009?

have they announced yet where it will be held, anyone know??

I don't believe they have....but I suspect Calgary is due...

In Ottawa in order to succesfully launch the new franchise!!!

Don’t take me seriously, by the way. Just wishful thinking on my part.

CFL in Ottawa in 2010!
Go Sens Go!

or Edmonton, or Regina

Needs to be outside to be a true GC! Even better if it's on real turf (that kinda narrows it down).

I have heard rumours even starting last year that 2009 is Calgary's Cup if they want it. Nothing formal has been announced though, so I'm not sure if this is moving anywhere or not. Next year is Montreal for sure though.

It should be Calgary. No doubt about that. It has to be out west (if I say it has to, then it has to alright. haha) becuase it will be 3 years in a row that an East team hosts (although I don't really consider Winnipeg in the East of the country) and all other west teams have had it since 2002 except Calgary.

When did Calgary host it last?

I think Edmonton would be a good spot. I think that real football should be played on grass.

On a side note, is anybody here supportive to the idea that the CFL season start should bump themselves up a couple weeks?

That is, start the pre-season in the middle of May or maybe the last week of May. That way the Grey Cup can be played outside without the ground being frozen solid and covered in snow and without the fans freezing their @$$es off.

Or should we just keep hoping for our climate to get warmer?

NO, lets not go through this stuff again. Leave the season exactly when it is. There are multiple reasons for this, and they all have been said in many threads over the last few years, so I don't want to get into them. I see that you signed up in Feb, so just go back and look for them.

Let's all go for Global Warming!!


It's too freakin' cold in December in Edmonton. PULEASE, for the love of Mike, don't have it there again. Have it in BC so I can go to the game =D

And yes, I support starting the season at least two weeks earlier.

oh princess, bundle up and you wont be cold

Thanks Prince Charming. Maybe you could purchase all the warm gear I'll need, since I live in California.

Calgary last had the Grey Cup in 2000.

No. Well, yah but I was on the forum before as another name. I remember the topic being discussed and I was a believer in it.

Calgary is a good bet, gives them a reason to do stadium upgrades if need be.

Riderville is going for the 100th grey cup(2012) as is Edmonton I'd think.