Grey Cup 2009 in Calgary

FYI, here is the official Grey Cup 2009 website:

They are taking early bird $50 seat deposits until midnight tonight for temporary end zone and corner sections only. See y'all here for a great party and game!

I really wish they would give us a price for tickets

Still no ticket info?

You do realize it is almost a year away right.

Yeah i do lol, last year i bought the tickets December 17th. And i just want to make my budget for next year.
im also scared it will sell out fast and i need 8 tickets lol

I will check to see when the pricing will be released but your right the sooner the better for people to plan their costs.

Does anyone know what the seating capacity will be? I think there are 36,000 permanent, but how many temps are they installing? Could be a very tough ticket to get I 'm thinking.

It appears the seasons tickets are going fast only the endzone areas are available. They will be put temp seats in for sure.

I need to keep on top of this for when tickets go on sale, i got a feeling they'll be hard to come by this year :frowning:

I think in 2000 when the game was in Calgary, attendance was around 47,000. That means, assuming 28,000 or so season tickets, around 20,000 tickets up for grabs to the game. This could be the best investment out there rite now. Will be a scalpers heyday, and image if the Stamps are in it. Best buy rite now for Financial Planners.

WOW! A Grey Cup in Calgary. Every breakfast will be flapjacks, every other meal will be steaks. There will be horse dung on the sidewalks; and Stephen Harper will rant on how no other Grey Cups will be held in separatist Quebec.

The Grey Cup parade will feature 34 bulldozers that have actually dug up that oil sands drudge. Free swimming will be allowed in the lakes of mercury left by oil sands excavation. The bible belt will hold an obligatory bible reading by Stockwell Day. Best GC ever!

I think you tried a little too hard on that one.

...I agree, a lot of effort for a meager result...

I want back the ten seconds of my life it took to read that drivel...............

I think someone needs to hang hungguy :thup: what a load of drivel, it's probably a coalition that came up with that ridiculous post

Ok Calgary organizers, give me a reason to buy my tickets and book a hotel room now. Wife and me like to dance to rock/indie, good Canadjun rock/indie like Matt Mays, Tom Cochrane, Sam Roberts, David Usher, Ill Scarlett, Finger Eleven, whatever, local bands no one knows of that can bring it is fine also.

I was just looking on Expedia and you are right about hotel prices (>$200) during Grey Cup week, although msot of those pertain to downtown hotels mainly. Some other hotel listing websites might have better deals though. There is several hotels/motels near McMahon stadium (called Motel Village) that are cheaper (in mid 100's), and a Light Rail Transit line (C-Train) is right beside that area which is only a quick 10-15 minute ride to downtown where probably most ot the events/parties outside the practices & game itself will be happening. Also you might want to look at south Macleod trail for other reasonable hotel/motel prices since that entire street is right beside a C-train line direct to downtown and the stadium too. If you have a vehicle, there is also much better deals around the airport, and on the western edge of Calgary (another long strip of hotels/motels) on the Trans Canada highway #16 exit out of town.