Grey cup 2009 6 million viewers

TSN annouced 6 million viewers on sunday, Unbelivable, also 14 million at one point watched the game too.

i guarantee if Sask was not in there maybe 4 million. STILL VERY GOOD

Way to go CFL.

It's an incredible game, starting in 1909. :thup:

I thought the 1983 Grey Cup was 8 million full time watchers , i thought i read that somewere before. still excellent job,

The 1983 number has been determines to be inacurate and has been revised to 4.1 million
I have seen the new number a couple of times on CFL sponsored sites.
The Funny thing is that because of that number the CFL go a 3 year 33 million dollar contract from Karling Okeef.
If You tranlate that number to today;s money you are talking about a 3 year 58 million dollar contract, or in layman's terms... a hell of alot more money the the CFL is getting right now.... About 500K per team more.