Grey Cup 2008

I’m starting to plan my trip to Calgary next year, looking to stay close to where the “Festivities? are (Tiger Town, Spirit of Edmonton ect). Does anyone have any idea in what area of Calgary the Festival will be ? I'm assuming Downtown, but where?

...unknown at this time, stayed tuned...

I will get you the website they have for it.

Most of these events will probably be around the downtown area like in 2000 when it was last in Calgary. Olympic Plaza, the Calgary Convention Centre and/or Round-Up Centre will be hubs I'm sure like before. The other team events will most likely be in those same venues or hotels around downtown (Hyatt, Marriott, Delta, Westin, etc) which are all within a few blocks of each other. Hopefully there will be something going on near the stadium on game day, and that tailgating can continue like in the regular season here. I noticed a lot of people say that on Grey Cup game day in Montreal it was kind of dead around the stadium.

The Grey Cup 2009 website is here:

Yeah the stadium in Montreal is so far away that they didn’t bother doing anything official at the stadium.
My other complaint about Montreal was everything seemed spread out across the city… i hope Calgary doesn’t do that.
Has anyone gotten word of the ticket prices?
My plan is to drive there from Ottawa next season.

Red & White is busy getting his construction company to install the heated pool and hot tub for his back yard. One the brass bar and glass skylights are installed, R&W's place will be the party place to be for Grey Cup 2009! :wink: :wink: :wink: