Grey cup 2008

Of course the blue and gold are going to be in the Grey Cup since Stegall's back

nothing like an unbiased poll!

16 different combinations and you list 4 of them

Calgary for the win

be happy he gave TO that much credit.

That is why "Other" is the odds on favourite thus far.

Go Other, go.....

And there must be more than 16 possible combinations.

Just noticed my signature quote changed back to my old one since the big crash....should maybe find another one....

Bombers are gonna take the cup home. Best receiving core in the league. Awesome RB, Awesome QB, Killer DL, Deadly OL, Outstanding LB's, and DB's are gonna be awesome this year!! GO BLUE!!

…gotta love the perennially optimistic BB fans…you go guys!..19 years and counting…but you do stand a fighting chance this year, I’ll give you that…

i think we stand a little bit more than a fighting chance...(p.s I love the name stegall 138)

..okey dokey there RLRv2.0....

With the crossover I'm not even gonna take a stab at how many possible combinations there could be.

I voted other.

i voted other because i see calgary ebing some crazy upset underdog team. but winnipeg going to beat you all

4 possible teams in the east
4 possible teams in the west
= 16

Crossover, anyone?

It could be two eastern teams in the final game, or two western teams...therefore, the combinations number more than 16.

ya I forgot about the crossover!
56 possibilities

Tough to call since the season hasn’t started yet. But predictions can be fun while we’re waiting for the 08 kickoff!! I’ll say Winnipeg and Calgary in the cup with Winnipeg winning.“BUT” it depends on who the backup Qb will be for the bombers"In case he’s needed" Calgary will finish no better than 2nd but I see them in the cup. The best signing Calgary has made to date was locking up D.D.!! Laugh and knock the signing of D.D. all you want but this was very smart on the part of the Stamps.

i agreew with scotsman here, just so long the bombers don;t say we are the favourite and we all get reminded of years past.

Are you serious?


Hmmm, something tells me the Math Teacher is right on this one! :lol: