Grey Cup 2008

Mrs. Madjack and I will be coming to Montreal for the 2008 Grey Cup…hope to meet many of you then. Anyone know when tickets will go on sale?

If I heard it right, they are apparently already on sale. Don't ask me where, though.

Contact the Als' front office via ... ge&id=6022

Actually they were on sale for 12 hours.....yesterday. noon till midnight

Anyone know how many they sold during the pre-sale?

Already bought mine :lol:

So when are tickets going on sale to everyone elts?
Ive seen it being as early as the 15th.

Dec. 15th @ 12:00pm, as per the info I got today from Al's ticket office.

Thanks XGamer, I've noted that on my calendar and will call on that day.

Here's hoping the 2008 Grey Cup game has our Als in it!

I’ve also purchased a couple of tickets but would like to know if anyone knows where the “festivities” will be taking place?

Also, as I am not familiar with Montreal, can someone recommend a hotel that will be close to all the action?


I have our tickets!!

Mrs MadJack and I will be sitting in Section 125, row H.

We'll be staying at the Marriott Chateau Champlain.

Hope we can set up a CFL fan forum meeting with many of you!

Yeah that would be great. Im on the top deck for this game.

Not sure where me and the wife will be staying yet, her sister lives in Montreal or we'll get a hotel downtown somewhere. Looking forward to it!

I unfortunately missed the one-day sale on Grey Cup day and, in the usual December madness, missed the sale mid-December. The Alouettes site merely says they go on sale in "May 2008" and says they go on sale again March 8th. I got a sh__load of Rider fans and in-laws (Alouette fans!) to plan for and just want to make sure I don't miss the start of the next "sale". Anyone got anything more firm (or 25+ seats to sell in Silver or higher???)??


I’m am happy to hear that you are coming to Montreal for the a great party. I believe you when you say you are not familiar with Montreal!

The festivities last time were along Crescent street and the Grey Cup Village was on Stanley and Peel if I recall, which is on the same street as the Bell Centre. The action will be everywhere. Downtown Montreal will be buzzing either way, but with the addition of Crazy CFL fans, it will be more insane.

You can check out some clubs on St-Laurent street, hit Crescent street (always something going on there), or just walk along Ste-Catherine street, the heart of Montreal!

As for the hotels, there are so many, and they are all close to the action. Downtown Montreal is big, yet small. Everything is walking distance, and if not, we got lovely Metro system, that bring you anywhere!

Personally, I don’t believe there is a better place for a Grey Cup party than Montreal! The night life is ranked in the top 10 in the world and number 1 in Canada. Having Western CFL fans will spice it up, and it will be a blast! I know in 2001 it was a blast, but I was only about 12 years old. Now I’m 19, so I’m old enough to join the party! :rockin:

I really hope David Usher, who now lives in Montreal, plays a gig on the Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights, the wife and me really like him and his band. I emailed the Als about this but don’t know how much they are involved with setting up any stuff. Is there a convention centre in Montreal to have some bands play?

WE have convention centres but they dont have bands as far as I know,
They are however, plenty of smaller theaters that do.

Thanks Ryooon :thup:

I'm really looking forward to visiting Montreal :rockin: I was there briefly in '99 to see the Alouettes clobber the 'Cats 52-19, while my father hasn't been back since '67.

Being legally blind (in a crowd I need to use my white cane) certainly poses challenges and I appreciate the info you've given me and hence my post to try to find a hotel close to the action.

Cheers :thup: :thup:

Will the Grey Cup village be in the area where the Queen Elizabeth Hotel is located? I don't know Montreal very well and trying to figure out where to book a hotel.

As per the info I got from the Al's Office:

Get your tickets for the Big One...

On November 23rd, at the Olympic Stadium, the Grey Cup will be in Montréal.

[u]Last chance to get your tickets before everybody else, on February 3rd, from noon to midnight, on Admission outlets.[/u]


1-800-361-4595 or 514-790-1245