Grey Cup 2008 attendees, got your hotel booked yet?

I heard the hotels in downtown Montreal are going fast for 2008 Grey Cup weekend. My buddies and I booked ours the other day. We got a Days Inn right downtown where all the festivities will be. If you got a CAA card it's only $85 a night.

When we called the guy said the entire hotel is nearly booked for all of Grey Cup weekend (Thurs-Sun).

Anyone else got their hotel booked yet?

Good to know man. Probably need to get this worked out.

Yeah im @ the Delta booked it right before xmas when i ordered the tickets 3 nights 2 queens @ 100.00 per night

Good thought. If anyone has a link to the hotel that they have booked please provide on the site.

....I am waiting until the evening of November 16th when rooms will sell for thirty cents on the dollar in the forum of

What with not living in Montreal, I really don't know anything about this hotel except for the pics. But since i'm only going to be using my room for sleeping (or passing out depending on circumstances :wink: ) anyway, i couldn't pass up a price of $53.00 per night. Could be a great place...could be a dump! Like i's just for sleeping. Here's the link.

I'm booked at the Novotel, thanks to SectionW at I have no idea if any rooms are left but here is the link to the thread:

Mrs. Madjack and I are booked at the Marriott Chateau Champlain:

Wow! MadJack, you are renting a room in Montreal. I am surprised because I always assumed a great and knowledgeable Als fan like yourself was from Montreal. Are you as far way as J. Bedell? (an Als fan from New Orleans).

I remember when I went in 2001, I bought a package that included two nights at the Delta Centre-ville (the same hotel the Bombers ended up staying at). I'm not sure what hotels Dash Tours out of Regina will be offering with their packages, but it's worth checking out.

No, not nearly as far as the other Jack, although we met with him during Grey Cup week last week (check out his Grey Cup blog entry on 'lunch in Chinatown'); I'm in Toronto.

Thanks for saying I am "great and knowlegeable"; I'll try to keep the head swelling down as much as I can...........

I'm pretty sure I'll be staying at Le Centre Sheraton. Though I won't be able to book until September for the media rate.

Taking a train from Louisiana to Albany, NY, then driving in the rest of the way.

I used to live in N.Y. State and know that trip up Interstate 87 very well. Beautiful road that at one point in the '60’s I think, was the most scenic highway in america.

How did that little tidbit slide by so quietly ?

I guess it is generally wiser not to respond to delusional people... :smiley: