Grey Cup 2007 Matchup


At the beginning of this year, I was really hoping for a 1989 Grey Cup rematch, Hamilton vs. Saskatchewan, in Toronto.

Since that is probably not going to happen, what's the next best matchup?

As an alternative to my preseason delirium, I'd now like to see a "Banjo Bowl" Grey Cup between the Green Riders and the Bombers.

It would probably put a damper on TV ratings, but who cares.


Argo vs Rider Grey Cup would be the best bet for ratings and all. Imagine the atmosphere at the "Dome" with the home team Argos against everyones second favourite team....Riders may have "home field advantage" for that one

Cross over wins the east and it will be an all west grey cup.

It is the CFL anything can happen this year

Please No Roughriders or Argos..

Lions Bluebombers please

ticats aren't playing in the big game at the end so i really don't care who wins

Since the cats are out I hope the west wins… I pray that Snot ball Clemons and those pukes from Hog town don’t make it to the final

Thank goodness for the cross-over!!!

I'd like to see Calgary, Sask! boo-ya! Riders winning over BC in west final by 10, and Cal just trouncing the boatmen to go to the cup, awesome!

Calgary cant(wont cross over)
Only Edm has a slim chance at crossing over and they have to win both remaining games while Mtl Loses both remaining games

oh right, ha! well, won't edit my post now. hehe. dangit.

Bombers-Riders then? yeah, good game!(just 'cause i'm tired a seein BC at the cup)

An all-Prairie Grey Cup would be a novelty. But, if I'm taking Saskatchewan and Toronto in the big game. Sask wins on a last second field goal...sound familiar?

Sask wins on a last second field goal
By Boreham filling in. Then all of us on here will be complaining that we got rid of Jamie Boreham!?!?!?!?

Is it a "slim" chance?

Montreal no longer has Calvillo, which should equal two loses.

Edmonton plays Saskatchewan and us.

It looks as though if Edmonton beats the Riders, then they're in the playoffs.