Grey Cup 2007..last chance for all Canadians to view!

And those who can't aren't trying hard enough.

FWIW I have never paid a bill for my TV in my life. It would make no sense to me to pay for it if I am only using it to watch the CFL. The only other time I turn my TV on is if there is a Canadian team in the Stanley Cup final.

I prefer to watch the games at home when possible otherwise I listen on the radio.

Also I'm hoping to move into the bush next fall so my high speed internet will be gone as well.

I sure hope I will be able to pick something up...oh yea I guess I can get CBC out there... oh well.

At least our local radio station broadcasts all of the riders games.

I don't think we need be too concerned that TSN only reaches 8 million instead of 13 million homes. With only 4 million total viewers for the '07 Cup, that has to be a far lower total of homes tuning in than either of those numbers.

That would apply if everyone who watched the Grey Cup had access to both TSN and CBC ...



TSN has been basic cable in Regina since I was able to use a TV remote control.

Can TSN be seen on satellite?

It is not basic cable here in Montreal either


Yes, Both Star Choice and Bell Expressvue.

For the record, where I am, we get squat for any coverage. Not even CBC. Its dish or nothing!