Grey Cup 2007..last chance for all Canadians to view!

With TSN holding the rights to CFL broadcasts next year, not all Canadians will be able to see the Televised Grey Cup or games for that matter. Correct me if I am wrong, but unless you have Cable plus, or Tier 3, viewers will be out of luck! Even basic Cable won't cut it. There are remote areas where Cable does not even exist, only a few channel feeds are available. Pretty sad, unless I am wrong.[/b]

TSN in Regina is Tier 1.

If I remember reading this correctly, CBC reaches 13 million Canadian homes, and TSN reaches around 8 Million. Don’t quote me on that though.

Who is the carrier..Saskie? TSN is not basic cable in Alberta, and BC.

I'm still hoping for those who can't get TSN that CTV will air the playoffs and Grey Cup on the big network.

Shaw has TSN on basic here in Winnipeg.

And it wouldn't surprise me to see the game broadcast on both TSN and CTV next year.

CBC is technically availiable anywhere in Canada for free.
So losing CBC to TSN will not be good for some people.
I myself usually go out somewhere to watch the Grey Cup.
I preffer to watch it on a big screen with strangers than at home on a regular TV. Its funner that way.

I have a feeling that TSN will announce some sort of deal that they'll have it on another station for those who don't have TSN.

Hey, Curling Canada got the CBC to re-jig it coverage of the Brier.

So I suspect if the fans start complaining loud enough to the CFL about the lack of coverage once it is announced where the game will be broadcast then things could change.

Well, CBC no longer carrying CFL football gives me one less thing to complain about.

could cbc not pay for and stream tsns feeds?

Have a feeling that TSN is gonna push the broadband broadcast thing way harder too. Probably also lower the cost for international viewership online too. More Wendy's commecials yay...

Now how will I know what sort of hinjinks David Suzuki is up to? Or when the next Rita McNeil special is?

Re-Runs of the Royal Wedding! :roll: :roll: :roll:

LOL and the return of Relik,lol

Today, on the Beach Combers, Officer Bob Chases Relic in his motorized Wheel Chair after Relic steels Marges hot cross buns from the seniors home… :lol:

The same goes for US viewers living near the Canadian border. They are now in the same page as everyone else in the US. They better hope their local cable company picks up the games. I'm sure Comcast Local (CL) in Detroit will pick up as many CFL games as they can for their subscribers; otherwise, the DBS services will see a slight increase in subscriptions.

Out of interests sakes, did anyone notice if Canadians were complaining that only TSN was carrying the World Junior Championships?

The numbers for the final topped 2 million I think it was, pretty decent. Just read it peaked at just over 3 million for overtime.

Good point Earl. People that want it will subscribe.

Don't forget...Star Choice, Bell Expressvue....all sorts of options available.

The Grey Cup will do fine on TSN. Those who don't have it can always go to a friends place or to a local establishment to watch the game.

There's always that outside chance that CTV will air it as well.

I think some people complain just for the sake of complaining.

People will be able to see the games. Mark my words. :wink: