Grey Cup 2007 Fix!!

I will be getting my CFL fix, at the Grey Cup this year in Toronto. It is the first time it will be in Toronto in 15 years, it's gonna be a massive party. Is anybody heading down? I got a great deal on a package.

Thats Great Id like to go next year in Montreal and also visit Ottawa while Im out there.

Sounds like fun. Have a great time!

While on the subject, has anyone heard when Grey Cup 2008 tickets go on sale to the general public (without having to buy Montreal Alouettes season tickets)?

The 2008 tickets aren't going on sale till March next year. They only opened the pre sale up to the Montreal ST holders which really blows. Grey Cup pre sale should be open to all ST holders in the league. Can't expect much from those egotisical, arrogant, only wanting to be Canadian when it suits them french people. :lol:

Oh boy, french comments, now watch out, we are going to have another war on our hands. :wink:

Not a good first post, bringing up language!
Especially since every year the host team sells to their own fans first!

Yah her first post too. Could be a Toronto media person trying to cause shit you never know. I heard from a friend who was at the last one in Montreal that it was very hot in their theres not much ventilation so should I wear shorts?

Janine1231, your comments are offensive and should have no place on this board. All you are going to do is stir the pot and potentially create a difficult situation for some unsuspecting fan visiting Montreal for the Grey Cup. Please edit your post and take the garbage out of it.

GC2007, Nice to hear from you. Perhaps you will share you GC story on the Bomber Board. Enjoy the Grey Cup. I am in Winnipeg now but Toronto is my home town.