Grey Cup 2006!!!

BC vs Montreal one heck of a game lies ahead. I'll pick BC by 9 only because I believe BC has a more complete team! Any thoughts?

If logic prevails, the Lions should beat out flat my beloved birds. But this is the CFL, and if there's one place where logic ranks at the bottom of the pile, it's here.

I will try to tell me that this will be revenge for 2000. That year, the Als were so much more powerful than BC. Still, the Lions won the Cup.

Well, this time around... I guess we could return the favour.

I said BC by 17 against the Riders (who happen to be better the teh Als). I'm gonna say BC by 21, maybe this time I'll be closer to 27 :stuck_out_tongue:

ok i know i have shown hate towards the lions and the fans but nothing would put more joy in my body then watching them defeat the als. so lets say lions by 12.

BC should win because of better offense, defense and special teams. Also BC has won 6 of 7 previous meetings.

so, the riders won 3 0f 4... didnt matter...

For the Cup...

Lions 22
Als 18

I think it'll be a low-scoring game because it's freaking cold, and if the field is wet or slippery, it's going to be a running, rather than a passing, game.

Congrats Lions, especially for your crowd. It was obvious how much they rattled the Green "O".
Great fight by the Als... I'm not a fan of either TO or Mont. but I could not look away. Great game!
I've got to pick the Lions although the Als may get more pressure on D.D.
CFL forever!!!!

Als 29
Lions 27

Duval kicks the game winner with no time on the clock.

Hope you are right, SonnyWade. On paper you’d have to say the Lions should be favoured, no apparent weaknesses anywhere in that lineup. However, if it’s a nasty day in Winnipeg then the running games become paramount, and as good as Joe Smith is, I think Edwards is better so on a nasty day I think Montreal has a shot.

According to weather forecast, sunny cold weather expected in Winnipeg on November 19. So weather is unlikely to be a major factor. But bad weather would favor BC because of superior defense that is #1 in turnover takeaways. BC #1 offense should still outperform Montreal #4 offense regardless of weather.

Lions should have the edge, but you never know. Any team can win on any given day. Should be a great GC. Hope it sells out. I was talking with Tom Wright yesterday at a BC Lions brunch before the game and he was confident that Winnipeg would sell the remaining tickets for the Grey Cup.

I'm glad to see that people out there are prediction a close Grey Cup favor of the Als.

Because I really do think that the Alouettes will win this one with Big Robert Edwards being MVP. The Lions won't completely shut him down. I really don't think so.

I really think that the Lions/Als game will be a major upset victory favoring the Als.

Als 28 lions 21

Lions 30, Alouettes 23.

lions 100
als 0

thats the chance, in %, of each team winning.

u can see this just from listening to the interviews of the starting QB’s.

dickenson is saying, “i want this, i wont be denyed this is our year!”, calvillo is saying, “im sick of losing these grey cups.”

calvillo’s attitude says he already expects to lose, while dickenson wont accept anything less then victory and isnt thinking about losing.

This has all the makings of a great game, the bridesmaids of the last 2 years, neither one wants to lose it again, its going to be a barn burner.

In regards to the tickets, how many are still left? it said fewer then 4,000 but that was awhile ago , any updates?

less then 3,000, last i read.

I read last than 2000. Tom Wright told me yesterday it would sell-out, no question.