Grey Cup 2006 Logo

I wanted to say that Winnipeg's logo for the Grey Cup is hands down the coolest one I've every seen! That's a logo that should be able to sell. I love it!

I gotta agree it looks really good. Actually, I think so far BC's is my favourite ... but Winnipeg's looks great.

I'm glad you like it Yeast, BECASE I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

eah, the bison looks like the Ottawa logo but Ottawa's logo is awesome anyway! and it takes the best part of the Manitoba Flag and blows it up! baby!!! It has the Blue and Gold! needs a little Freach though but that is easy fixed!!!! It's got the Maple Leaf and the leagues colors, you can't ask for a better logo than this!!!!

Can't wait to get a hat with this logo!!!!!!!!!

great stuff

Real nice, absolutely but I think BC's is equally as good, I like the flow of the mountains with the curved line of the Vancouver and 2006 showing, my guess, waves in water. And I liked Ottawa's last year too.

I think what draws me in is that it looks tough.


They just need to have "Grey Cup" in Freach and it's all good.


SORRY!!!!! EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!


once, just once I woul like to see you spell it right.


French, happy?

do you agree that the logo needs to be in French as well as English??? Ro, buddy? Pal? Mate?

That I agree

Do they usually have the same logo with the French and English together, or is there a french version and an english one?

I know Ottawa's had both, but for some reason I remember thinking that it was because it's the national capital and it's on the border and all.... I can't remember any of the other ones.

Man, that memory thing seems to be fading faster and faster.... I can't even delete voice-mail messages otherwise I can't remember who I have to phone back..... I think I need an assistant... yeah, that's it.. an assistant... :wink:

they do it togerther, see Vancouver's one

Not to worry KK and ro ... upon visiting, you can find this:

So although it may not be together on the same logo, there is a french version out there.