Grey Cup 2006 HOT rumour --

A rumour is circulating around the CFL that Tom Wright has been pitching the Grey Cup halftime show to Atlantis Festivals who work with a special group that they CFL is wanting to do the CFL Grey Cup halftime show.

That group are The Rolling Stones.

A issue that Atlantis and the CFL are having problems is the fact the Rolling Stones are working on a new concert set that includes 5 or 6 new dates around November and may be rescheduling early 2007 concerts to accomodate the cancelled shows this past season.

If it all works out, the Stones have apparently been wanting to return to Winnipeg and name Winnipeg one of the best sites for a show, and one of the biggest reasons they haven't returned is because of the laws, and lack of promotion management in the area.

If Atlantis and the CFL work out a deal, what a show that would be.

Remember the Rolling Stones did the Superbowl last season, and a big stumbling block was the fact Michigan has the same laws, and that Lake HHT Managment firm was not big enough to accomodate the Rolling Stones.

The NFL got involved and booked the show.

Something similar that happened in Regina, and Regina fixed the problem and got the Rolling Stones booked later this year.

I don’t care about any hot rumour. Tell me when there is fact!

What laws are we talking about? It's nice to quote vague "legal problems", but unless you detail them, it's useless.

Certain noise restrictions after 11pm (not an issue)

Amusement tax (10% on tickets) - believe this has been rectified.

There should be no legal stumbling blocks now... the last Stones show in Winnipeg was promoted by a friend of mine who used to do alot of work with Kevin Donelly (now the VP of House of Blues) ... their issue back then was the 11pm noise issue (they got lots of noise tickets that night) and the amusement tax making it tougher to make money

The Stones would be a decent show, however I seriously wish that the CFL woul bok a “newer” band, perhaps a top-selling Canadian band. I’m sick of watching the dinosaurs of music being booked for half-time shows at GC and SB games.

The Arcade Fire, Our Lady Peace, The Tragically Hip, Nickleback, Sum 41, Three Days Grace, Metric, etc would all be great half-time shows. Note - I would LOVE to see David Bowie play as well, as he has always been on the cutting edge of art, music, and fashion (even though he’s in his 50s). I still think that The Black Eyed Peas put on a great show, too.

Well, I sort of agree with sigpig here (just saw Sam Roberts live, great show!!)but the Stones still are huge. Man, Toronto would really have to do something for 2007 to get as big or bigger than the Stones though. They wouldn't want to be outdone by the BEP's in Vancouver and the Stones in Winnipeg! Maybe our good buddy Paul Godfrey can do something about that, he is a big promoter and has a big mouth to go with it :smiley: , so he might be good to contact.

Y'all are aware Vince Mcmahon started this thread right?

Anyway, I think Neil Young should do the the halftime show.

The Stones? Who cares who it is since they only get to play 2 or 3 slightly extended songs. It ain't like a full-blown concert.

I wish they'd consider one of the big-time US college marching bands. Billet the 300+ kids with fans. :slight_smile: When I was a kid, the Argos used to have local highschool drum & bugle groups do 1/2 time shows. It was pretty cheesy but better than the 2 or 3 songs some band gets to do.

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