Grey Cup 2006 HOT rumour --

A rumour is circulating around the CFL that Tom Wright has been pitching the Grey Cup halftime show to Atlantis Festivals who work with a special group that they CFL is wanting to do the CFL Grey Cup halftime show.

That group are The Rolling Stones.

A issue that Atlantis and the CFL are having problems is the fact the Rolling Stones are working on a new concert set that includes 5 or 6 new dates around November and may be rescheduling early 2007 concerts to accomodate the cancelled shows this past season.

If it all works out, the Stones have apparently been wanting to return to Winnipeg and name Winnipeg one of the best sites for a show, and one of the biggest reasons they haven't returned is because of the laws, and lack of promotion management in the area.

If Atlantis and the CFL work out a deal, what a show that would be.

Remember the Rolling Stones did the Superbowl last season, and a big stumbling block was the fact Michigan has the same laws, and that Lake HHT Managment firm was not big enough to accomodate the Rolling Stones.

The NFL got involved and booked the show.

Something similar that happened in Regina, and Regina fixed the problem and got the Rolling Stones booked later this year.

Well if it's true that would be a step up from the Black-Eyed Peas.

On another note I got my Stones tickets for the concert in Regina.

I was hoping The Guess Who would do the halftime show for a record 700th time. You just miss something the first 699 times.

Consider the source guys
Consider the source!

great , we can watch a band with all of it's mumbers over 60 years old , lip syncing. :lol:

get RUSH , at least they are in their early 50's. :wink:

if the stones were EVER to do a grey cup game, it would be in toronto...thats just how it is...

we all know about the bands love affair with toronto, with numerous secret club shows and sars-stock.

....too funny.....old geezers pretending they still rock on......

the stones have played Winnipeg before, 1994, I was there, great concert 50,000 plus and again in 1997, only about 40,000 for that one......

why would they only play TO....

30 Sep
Winnipeg Stadium
Winnipeg, Manitoba, ca

Bridges to Babylon 4
opening act: Blues Traveler

34,685 (Cap. 40,000). Set: 24 songs

Previous shows:

23 Aug 1994
Rolling Stones, Colin James
50,397 (sellout)

Huge STones fan here...I've seen them 3 times...twice in 1 week :thup:
But in TO STP opened, then in WPG we got Colin James :thdn:

Thank God, the Stones will be the halftime show...greatest rocknroll show in the world. World class Band for a world class Football league...I know it's only a rumor..dare to dream..

How about we get A bunch of Dixie Land band guys to come and play 30 mins of Dixieland music for the Grey Cup?

It will be the same value as far as entertainment, compared with the Rolling Stones!

Don't know about that one cflthebest, Stones vs any other band in the World..Stones win...

except one band, that doesn't exist anymore, cause 2 of their members are dead.

because i dont think performing at a grey cup halftime would pay them thier going rate..but they tend to play in toronto for free, so i could see them doing a grey cup show in T.O.

why dont we have canadian talent for the halftime show like nelly furtado for example


avril ever done a grey cup?
sum 41?
bryan adams?
barenaked ladies?
our lady peace?
sam roberts?

not that i like all these people / bands

yeah those are good examples i dont want to go to the grey cup this year and see rolling stones

Nelly Furtado? you mean Miss no identity? The girl who sits around, waiting for the new music wave to come and then copies it for her own? Pfft..

she'd be a joke

...agreed, the only thing that would keep me watching a nelly furtado half-time show would be if there was a guarenteed wardrobe malfunction....

.....Stones would be alright, saw them once in '81 in the Seattle Kingdome, then again in '90 at BC Place, second row centre floor, spoiled me for every concert thereafter....

Because only you and a gaggle of 12 year old girls would enjoy it?